Devin Cutting sent this in:

Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling posted the following statement on Facebook:

“We at MCW take pride in our work and entertaining fans. To all fans that came out to Cookeville show Thank you for coming and for those that were left out, We sincerely apologize. There are certain things that are beyond our control. We are dedicated to making our fans happy, so next time we’re in Cookeville, MCW will make it right to our fans no matter who was at fault. Love you guys.”

A change of venues resulted in too many tickets being sold. Some fans were turned away at the door while others were sent to a section of the building that was blocked off and they could not see the show. Many people have flocked to Facebook to complain about the situation. There are some postings on Facebook from fans that were able to see the show and enjoyed it.

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