April 7, 2011


Kayfabe Commentaries is now taking submissions for The Honky Tonk Man’s return to the show that changed the shoot-DVD industry. In the four years since the wild and controversial premiere, much has been added to the show. And now HTM will return to survey the damage he helped create.

When considering their new series launch four years ago, the creative team at Kayfabe Commentaries agreed to a big gamble. They agreed to turn over the show to the fans entirely. All questions would be from fans. All topics would be chosen by the fans. In the most democratic move ever to hit the shoot-DVD industry, the series would be run by the public. A risk indeed.

Of course, KC had their ace in the hole — the guests would be highly entertaining, provocative, controversial figures in the business. They’d draw a firestorm of fan submissions, and in that pile, the crew at kayfabe Commentaries would sort through it all and write an explosive show.

Enter The Honky Tonk Man.

As the first guest on the popular series “YouShoot,” HTM helped drive the show to instant popularity. The fan questions were poignant…some goofy, some funny, some serious, but all provocative in some way. And HTM’s responses were the perfect compliment to the spicy sauce in which the show would be served. The company now had their follow up series to the already groundbreaking “Guest Booker”, which KC had begun producing only 6 months prior.

Kayfabe Commentaries president Sean Oliver says the company name was on the line after the success of their series Guest Booker. “We wanted to diversify,” Oliver says. “Guest Booker brought with it such historical power, as we began to chronicle the great bookers of pro wrestling. There was a bit of a fear that this wild, unpredictable, uncensored show may challenge people’s perceptions of us.” Ultimately, Oliver says, as a full-fledged production and distribution company, they’d have to produce all types of shows.

That premiere episode of “YouShoot” was instantly recognized by critics and fans as a game changer. Monday Night Mayhem radio called it “The funniest shoot interview of all time.” Derek Burgan of Figure 4 Weekly and PW Torch called it one of the best DVDs of the year.

Fast forward four years, in an industry that now has message board solicitations for fan questions from even WWE, and a host of other shoot-DVD attempts by upstarts, HTM returns. And it’s time, once again, for you to get involved. Fans have until April 23rd to submit questions for YOUSHOOT: HTM2.

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