As reported on earlier via video, Scott Hall had to be helped in and out of the ring at an indy event in Fall River, Massachusetts last night that was promoted by Top Rope Promotions.

One reader told that Hall could barely stand when he came out, needed the help of two people to walk him down the ramp and both get in and out of the ring. Hall then later spoke on the mic making no sense and refused to leave the ring after he was done speaking. Police eventually showed up to remove him from the ring.

One reader sent this to

“I’ve been a lifelong fan of the business and a fan of his for almost twenty years and I’m thirty two and I’ve never seen anything like that. To be honest with you, he was so incoherent with what was going on. I’m just frustrated as a fan to see something like that. The man needs help and I think it’s too late. Thanks again for your interest and response to my email.”