Wrestling community remembers Larry Sweeney

Comments made via Twitter:

– Christopher Daniels: I’m devastated by the news of Larry Sweeney’s passing. Such a talented guy & a good person. I wish we could have worked together more. RIPRIP Alex. You left a lasting impression on wrestling & everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you. Hope you have found peace.

– Jay Lethal: RIP Larry Sweeny

– Amber O’Neal: I just heard the news of Larry Sweeneys passing!! Amazing talent&person! RIP Larry Sweeney!my thoughts&prayers r w/ur family and friends!

– Sonjay Dutt: RIP Larry Sweeny. 12 Large brother

– Colt Cabana: RIP “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney… My thoughts are with his family right now.

– Jimmy Jacobs: Deeply saddened by the passing of Larry Sweeney. He was a close friend and as talented/charismatic a performer as I’ve worked with. So sad.

– Rikishi: CONDOLENCES to Larry Sweeney’s family .Sry 4 your Loss..

– Jimmy Rave: Sweeny, ill never forget all the gr8 talks & stories we shared & when u & Rinauro wrestled w/ur butt cheeks out, almost shuttin down a show