From Ian Hamilton:

Not much in the way of wrestling shows for the week ending April 03 2011… which, worryingly, includes the go-home shows for WrestleMania!

Raw from March 28
– drew 177,000 viewers in the live airing of the go-home Raw. That’s 31,000 more than the previous week (+21%)

SmackDown from April 1
– drew 98,000 in the first airing on Friday night. That’s down 35,000 viewers/-26%
– drew 38,000 in a replay on Saturday morning – that’s up 13,000/52%

Weirdly, a WrestleMania 27 preview airing on Saturday afternoon (April 2nd/3pm) drew 125,000 viewers going head to head with’s Sky Sports’ flagship “Soccer Saturday” show (a live update of football/soccer scores as the games happen)

TNA Impact from March 24th didn’t rank in the top 10 on Challenge TV – the #10 show that week drew a rating of 125,000, which means that Impact would have drawn at the most, 125,000 viewers – translating into a loss of at least 59,000 viewers, or 32% of the prior week’s audience.