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Books and books have been written by professional wrestlers telling their stories. Some have been hit, and some have been misses. Regardless, wrestling fans love seeing their heroes pull back the curtain and show them the world in which they live. Despite all the books written, there are still plenty of major stars whose stories are worth telling. In the latest Wrestleview poll, the question was asked of our readers whom they would like to see pen their story. The results are as follows:

What wrestling personality would you most like to see write an autobiography?

The Undertaker 50%
1,824 votes

Vince McMahon 25%
899 votes

Sting 14%
527 votes

John Cena 4%
164 votes

Other 4%
136 votes

Jeff Jarrett 3%
104 votes

Total votes casted: 3,654

Coming in three percent of the votes was Jeff Jarrett. Jeff is a man whose life revolves around wrestling. From growing up with Jerry Jarrett as his father to his early days as a wrestler, Jeff’s early life isn’t something wrestling fans know a lot about. His days in Memphis with Jerry Lawler and Dutch Mantel were his formative years. Jarrett went to WWE in 1994. He became a one of the few men to have two separate runs in both WCW and WWF. Jarrett’s run in those companies came at different times for each one. The WWF he entered in 1994 was drastically different from the one he returned to in 1997. The same can be said for his runs in WCW. You also have Jarrett’s frustration with rising to the top of the WWF, as well as his relationship with Owen Hart, and his series with Chyna. When he went back to WCW in 1999, he was immediately on a course for the top title. He became the top heel in the company in 2000, and was there when David Arquette won the WCW Championship. He saw the company die and was left with nowhere to go. His formation of TNA led to his career’s revival. During his TNA run he suffered a devastating loss when his wife passed away. Despite being a founding father on the organization, he was sent home when he found comfort in the arms of Karen Angle. His eventual return has led to a program between the two. Jarrett’s story is certainly worth telling.

Coming in at four percent of the votes was the Other category. A few of the comments asked for Lucha stars, as well as Paul Heyman to write a book. Heyman is supposedly working on a book, but its publishing remains to be seen. Also with four percent of the votes was John Cena. Reluctant to vote for Cena, voters found it too early to read a Cena autobiography. John Cena will one day tell his story, and when he does, he will have a lot to share. Cena is a guy who has been the top star longer than anyone since Hulk Hogan. The Rock was not the top guy for long, Austin had the spot for five years if you include the times he was out with his neck injury and when he walked out in 2002. Shawn Michaels was the top guy for maybe a year, and Bret Hart put in about five years. Cena has now been WWE’s main attraction for six years. Hogan was that guy for nine. Cena stays healthy, he will surely surpass Hulk’s time atop the industry.

Fourteen percent of the votes went to Sting. Here is a man who seems to have the respect of just about everyone. Not a lot of top stars can say that. Sting managed to be the most over star in WCW despite not even wrestling a match for a year and a half. He rose to stardom with the help of Ric Flair. He saw WCW become the top wrestling company, and then saw it die. He was there through all of the political wars and managed to stay liked by everyone. Like Shawn Michaels, Sting’s religion would be a subject of interest for some readers. There is also his reluctance to sing with WWE, and his time as the veteran of TNA.

Volumes could be written about Vince McMahon. He is the most successful promoter in the history of professional wrestling. Just a glimpse into this man’s mind would blow readers away. Comments left on the poll express readers’ reluctance to vote because they doubt a McMahon book would be truthful. Who knows if we will ever see such a book, but if we did, it would be nothing short of fascinating.

Coming in first place was The Undertaker. Fifty percent of the voters clicked for the Dead Man. Undertaker is someone who has managed to stay very private so him coming out to tell his story feels long overdue. He also has one of the most unique characters in the history of the business. He saw Hogan, Hart, HBK, Austin, Rock, and so many others come and go. Yet he was always there. He has been untouchable. It seems like WWE has its roster hierarchy, and then outside of hat is Undertaker in a class all by himself. He has managed to stay relevant and fresh for two decades. On top of all of this is the WrestleMania streak.

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Matt O’Brien