Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in:


As the WWE roster lined up to shoot a music video for “Land of 1,000 Dances” in 1985, one must wonder if they imagined what Lou Thesz or Karl Gotch would say if asked. Did anyone envision a conga-line led by Hans Mortier, singing “You gotta know how to ‘Pony’?” Or perhaps Johnny Valentine?

One individual at that shoot surely did. What were the echoes ringing in the head of Greg “The Hammer” Valentine as 16-hour video shoot droned on, with the Iron Sheik blowing his cue for hours and Meat Loaf being completely uncooperative? Would dad have lasted even an hour?

Well as we all find out in the latest edition of the popular “Timeline: The History of WWE” series, which delves into 1985, Greg was just kinda along for the ride as the cartoon began to evolve around him. As dolls, cartoons (real one, not figurative), Cyndi Lauper, Mr T, and anything else you could imagine began showing up in the ‘serious’ world of grappling, Greg’s royalty checks covered his mouth prior to any objections slipping out. Literally, on one occasion, as he went into Vince’s office to complan and was met by a check for high 5-figures.

Production company Kayfabe Commentaries is responsible for the breakthrough series that chronicles the history of the world’s biggest wrestling (formerly?) organization, told year-by-year over many DVD volumes. Today marks the release of the year 1985 in that chronicle, and Greg Valentine is your tour guide back to the year that saw the birth of Wrestlemania, the debut of Saturday Night’s Main Event, The Wrestling Album, and the invasion of rock and roll.

The DVD is currently on sale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.