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5 Cool Minutes with Carlos Colon (Carlito)
by Nick Teodoro

Hundreds of eager wrestling fans packed the Brick Elks Lodge in a sold out showcase featuring the best up and coming wrestlers of the National Wrestling Superstars Promotion.

The show was fast paced featuring a number of high flyers and wrestling brawlers including former WWE star Carlos “Carlito” Colon who was making a rare jersey shore and independent wrestling appearance.

“I never did Indies before, I worked for my dad and WWE so this all new to me,” said Carlito. Carlito is known for his cocky apple spitting antics and his high level of diverse wrestling ability by fans all around the world.

Carlito acknowledges that part of his character is based off of his personality. “My friends would say that the way I act on tv is like when I am drunk,” he jokingly said. “I consider myself a nice guy, its my way to vent,” he added.

Carlito is a 2nd generation wrestling superstar who grew up in Puerto Rico surrounded by the business and got his start in his fathers’ wrestling promotion the World Wrestling Council.

“Being in Puerto Rico was cool because it was like a melting pot, we got wrestlers from Japan, Mexico, the States, [and] Puerto Rico, so I got to see every mix,” he said. “That’s why my style takes a little bit of everybody, a little bit of brawling, a little bit of high flying, a little hardcore, more or less maneuver different styles and combine them,” he added.

Colon, through blending a number of these styles was able to create his famously known finishing move “The Backstabber”. “We were just messing around one day because they gave [the playmaker/overdrive] to a lot of guys, not that many people could take it, its a terrible move” he said.

“I started doing The Backstabber not as a finisher, just as a move and I remember [John] Cena came up to me and said ‘Man that’s a great move, I would take that as a finisher anytime’ so I said let me try it out and I started using it,” he said. “I never covered people [afterwards], I used to hit it and let it breathe because it looked pretty good, so eventually I just evolved and started using that,” he added.

John Cena was an integral part to the evolution of Carlito’s character as he first came on the the WWE scene and entered a program with Cena. “[People] think that it helped me out but really it kind of put a big hump on my back because everybody saw it as ‘oh they’re shoving the new guy down everybody’s throat,” he said. “It gave me good [exposure] but after that I had to prove myself, so I had to work harder after that,” he added.

It was at this time that the interview was cut short due to the show’s run through. While it is unknown whether Carlito will return to the WWE, go to TNA or elsewhere it is expected he will continue to work from time to time with his fathers promotion the WWC. “I go back from time to time to help out,” he added.