David Lagana passed this along:

New Article Looks at the outcry of support for Christian and if fans will really act.


With the outcry of support for Christian last night was pretty impressive. Search #IWantChristian to see. The question to everyone who spoke out last night…

Are you serious? Are you done with WWE? Will you stop watching? How are you planning on getting your voice heard? What other brands will you shift your dollars to? Vince McMahon always used to say “Is this a hill you’re willing to die on?”

Read the whole article at http://iwantwrestling.com

New Podcast with Kevin Kelly


Kevin Kelly joins David Lagana to talk the playful torture Vince McMahon puts WWE Hall of Famer Gerry Brisco through (including the story of Vince McMahon chasing Brisco with soiled pants), what it was like to work with the Rock, being in Montreal for the “screwjob”, thoughts of Kevin Dunn and more.