The following was issued by Jeff Katz.

Wrestling Revolution

Wrestling fans are bored.

The same tired production. The same tired storylines. The same tired characters.

As someone once said, “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change.”

This, our Wrestling Revolution, is that change. The first ever 100% crowd-sourced wrestling promotion created by the fans for the fans. By combining classic wrestling storytelling with the shortened television series structure innovated by networks like HBO, FX, BBC and AMC, our Wrestling Revolution product will be both familiar and entirely new.

Each 12 episode season will tell a complete set of stories, introducing characters that will evolve and grow with each passing season. Take the season long build of shows like THE WIRE or DEXTER and apply it to the basic wrestling model and you have an idea of where we’re going.

Every character has a mission, a journey and a reason for stepping into the ring. Some will rise, some will fall — and you will be there to see it all. With the benefit of a defined start and finish the viewer is guaranteed a complete wrestling storytelling experience.

Each season will culminate in our season finale or supershow, where storylines conclude and start anew, new legends will be forged and lasting memories will be made. Fresh new characters, meaningful themes and wrestling-driven storylines with a beginning, middle and end. What a novel concept!

Produced by Jeff Katz, the Wrestling Revolution will be based in Los Angeles, California and streamed in high quality worldwide via our featured distribution deal with Justin.TV.

Project location: Los Angeles, CA