Kayfabe Commentaries passed this along.


Demolition positioned itself as one of wrestling’s dominant tag teams of the late 80s. The one-time heels began to garner too much popularity to remain heels, and became defacto babyfaces. They were a phenomenon. One of the architects of that team was Bill Eadie, under the paint as Demolition Ax.

But Bill was also a booker in earlier years, working first with Ole Anderson in Georgia (where he was wrestling as the Masked Superstar) and later having the book in Global. So as he takes center stage in the most recent edition of “Guest Booker,” released today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com, it seems natural that Bill should address Demolition.

And destroy them for us as well.

Bill Eadie’s booking philosophy is highly psychological. This is evident during both the discussion portion of the show, as well as the booking exercise where he illustrates how he would handle a Demolition split — right down to his unique twist ending for the angle.

Eadie is old-school to the core as he discusses the importance of logic and character above all else. Eadie was responsible for getting three mysterious characters over — Bolo Mongol, Masked Superstar, and Demolition Ax. His recipe is linked greatly to psychology and consistency of character.

During the booking exercise, Eadie refers to off-camera conversations the characters would be having, which we’d never see on-camera. Kayfabe Commentaries president Sean Oliver cites that as a technique from the theatre.

“This is a good actor’s most basic exercise — know where your character is and what they’re doing outside of the script,” Oliver says. “It’s acting class 101 — ‘Where did your character come from? What would they think about this or that?’ That knowledge is necessary for an actor or writer to really create characters with depth. When Bill began discussing what Ax would be saying to Smash, and it was nothing being televised, I realized the depth he was reaching for. This is a first for the series.”

“Guest Booker with Bill Eadie” went onsale today at http://www.kayfabecommentaries.com.