Audio: “The Velvet Room” for May 13, 2011

The latest edition of “The Velvet Room” for Friday, May 14, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Clinton Bowman, Nicholas Gray and Greg McNeish.

Another Friday has come and gone and ‘Smilin’ Randy Orton’s still on Smackdown…

The crew returned to Friday night with a review of WWE SmackDown for the night of May 13th, with the featured Main Event being World’s Champion ‘Smilin’ Randy Orton and Christian versus Sheamus and Mark Henry. Other topics and features included in tonight’s show include:

* The New 15 Minutes of Fame Segment, where we highlight WWE Tough Enough, WWE NXT and WWE Superstars for 5 minutes each.

* John Cena’s ride at the top, when will it end, who could replace him and why should John Cena be that supervillain mountain for the new superhero babyface to climb.

* And WVIP Jason Namako (Jerseyviper) joined the show to show off his new trivia game!

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