UFC star Shane Carwin has added a new blog on his official website discussing his time working with Paul Heyman for the upcoming UFC “Countdown” shows for Spike TV hyping UFC 131.

“The day of the shoot it was pretty much business as usual. I would say the key difference of what Paul brought to the table vs the previous producers is that he understands the entertainment value and ask questions that illicit good responses. I have been called “boring” in the past but the reality is when you are interviewed by people that do not fully understand the sport or how to extract the right information to sell the event. I do not lead interviews so if the media is not sure of how to extract the right information I can come off “boring”. That would be the Heyman difference. Paul was able to let me be me, left the stupid questions out and we got into some good stuff. I think this is going to make for a great Countdown Show.”

Full blog entry:
The Heyman Hustle