The latest edition of “Wrestleview Radio” for Thursday, May 19, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey.

Topics discussed on the show for May 19, 2011:

* Doug reviews the new “historic rebranding” of TNA with the 5/19 Impact Wrestling debut.
* We try to figure out what is exactly “new” about the show minus the new blue ring ropes.
* We go on another “Twitter Escapade” with fun tweets from ODB, Yoshi Tatsu and much more.
* Doug then mentions comments by Paul Heyman on Twitter saying CM Punk is “underutilized.”
* Discussion breaks out of what “underutilized” exactly means to Heyman and others in the media.
* Doug chimes in with good old fashion hard facts about Punk’s role in the last few years.
* After the break, we return to the “listy list” focusing once again on Texas wrestling.
* This week on the list we look at and grade Jimmy Garvin, Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez.
* Plus, a look at what is coming up on the network this weekend with tons of new shows.
* That and more on this subscriber only weekly Thursday podcast!

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