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Lindsey Ward: Not sure if you’re still taking these but here’s a good article from the local Lexington, KY paper discussing Savage’s career, esp his early days in KY: click here.

Chris Yandek: With the tragic passing of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, has re-released its 2003 interview with Randy Savage. Looking back at Savages’s final interview with myself, it now seems eerie that I asked him how tough it was to see so many of his professional wrestling colleagues pass away. For a moment, Mr. Savage reflected on life, death and the passing of his colleagues: click here.

NWS: Management and staff of National Wrestling Superstars was saddened & shocked to learn of the unfortunate passing of one of pro-wrestling larger than life icons today in the likes of Randy Macho Man Savage. Though Savage was somewhat of a wrestling recluse over the last few years he did seem like in in recent wedding photos to be in a happier and more peaceful envierment. Randy was always much sought after on the Independent & convention circut but was always the one it seems promoters could not bag. The Macho Man character was the inspiration for many a young star to mimick moves and nuances as they devolped along the pro ranks and his presence will certainly be missed. We send out our deepest condolences to his immediate family and will Honor this great ones memory at tomorrows huge event at South Brunswick High School 750 Ridge Road in South Brunswick NJ as many of Randy`s locker room contemporaries like Jim Duggan Nickel Volkof & Rikishe will be on hand to add to the somber but well deserved customary 10 bell salute to this squared circle genius and like so many before him we hope the gates of heaven will swing open with many of the Macho Mans friends & a great past love to greet him.

Bobby Strouss: Just thought I would drop by and send an email with a statement from Thomas and Eddie Farhat, Jr. on the passing of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, from the official AWWL Big Time Wrestling website. “The AWWL is saddened to hear of the passing of Randy Savage. As a young man my father knew this kid was going to be something special. , Mr. Savage would watch and learn as much as he could about the business had great teachers and the heart to make it all come true. He will never be forgotten. The world mourns with us this tragic loss in the world of wrestling. If you ask our wrestlers in the locker room on why they got in this business, they would say it was because of watching Randy Savage in the ring! Farewell Mr. Poffo. Our condolences are with the Poffo family in this tragic time.
Edward Farhat, AND Thomas Farhat son’s of the Original Sheik – AWWLSTARS.COM.”

Marcus Cyganiak: We at had the chance to attend the inaugural (and only) “Hulk Hogan & Friends” event in Coquitlam, BC back in July 2010. We posted videos shortly after the event, and now with the recent passing of Randy Savage, I thought might want to show our video to your readers, which is here: – In this particular video, Hulk Hogan explains his last meeting with Randy Savage, which was a recent one. He also mentions how he was now on speaking terms with Savage.