News and notes on the passing of Randy Savage

Chris Yandek sent this in:

In a new interview with Chris Yandek of, former “Macho Man” Randy Savage colleague, pro wrestling Ric Drasin speaks about the possible cause of death to Savage and recalls his memories of him.

On his YouTube series, Ric’s Corner, Drasin has a seven part series on steroid and growth hormone use. People might question if Savage had utilized performance enhancing drugs during his wrestling career. If it was a heart attack or stroke that laid the former wrestling star low, could previous steroid use – this is a hypothetical question – have impacted his death? Drasin expressed high regard for the “Macho Man.” He doesn’t believe what happened to him was occasioned by steroid or growth hormone use earlier in life:

“First time I met him was probably about 25 years ago at the Sports Arena and I was working a show there. He was on the card and he was a very, very nice person. He to me was one of the best showmen in wrestling ever…I knew him outside of that as well because we would go on commercial auditions and he would show up for the commercial auditions as well…I don’t believe that they [steroids] have any effect later in life on anything other than growth hormone itself can enlarge not only your muscles, but it can enlarge your organs…You’re almost forced to take the drugs in order to keep up with the others. Even though they say it’s drug tested and they say they don’t want you to, they kind of do want you to. It just depends on how much you take.”

You can read and listen to the whole interview at this link.

Jimmy Noonan sent this in:

Former head of security for the WWE Jimmy Noonan discusses the loss of his long time friend Randy macho Man Savage on his new syndicated radio show

The Incredible Noonan Radio Hour on in this leaked preview. Noonan soon can be heard in several cities and world wide on their web site.