Silkin on ROH buyout, Cabana on Ryder/his podcast

Arda Ocal sent this in:

Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas of R.A.W. Radio recently spoke with Cary Silkin of ROH. Highlights:

Cary speaks of the ‘new beginning’ for ROH

Will Cary still be working with ROH?
“Yes I will be with ROH. I’m remaining with the company. I have interests in the new Ring of Honor and I will be visible and contributing to the company and that makes the deal even better”

What can fans expect from the “new” Ring of Honor
“The new ROH is just the business. It’s new management. But it’s the old ROH ethic. Nobody can steal the Ring of Honor style – the quality of wrestling we have been proud to present for the last 9 and a half years. That’s not gonna change at all. That’s one of the things I was attracted to about this deal. The Sinclair people like the ethic of ROH and they weren’t looking to come in and “reinvent the wheel” as far as the product. But they will be adding (and can add) so much that I just was not able to do. And this is a very good and very big company. They’re in 35 strong markets with long-standing ties in those communities and with television – and people know those stations.”

How many ROH live events will be done in the next year or 2
“You probably won’t like the answer but it’s the truthful answer. Its to be determined. There’s gonna be a press conference on June 24th in Baltimore Maryland at the Sinclair broadcasting center. A lot of the questions will be answered then. When will the show be on? In which markets? And we will have the answers then but right now we don’t have those answers.”

What kind of power ROH has to bring itself back to prominence?

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Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas of R.A.W. Radio recently spoke with Colt Cabana of ROH. Highlights:

His thoughts on Randy Orton using the “Billy Goat’s Curse” and the creation of the “Jiper” on Twitter.

Colt Cabana’s connection to podcasts and Zack Ryder
“If you guys remember, I had “What’s cracking with Scotty Goldman” and at the time Ryder was just starting this whole thing and he was just singing to his friends and he would just sing “woo woo we we woo woo woo” and I thought it was the funniest thing I ever heard. If you go back and look at one, I call him in and I ask him to be the “What’s Cracking-mascot” and I even ask the camera “how is this guy not champion?” And 2-3 years later people are starting to pick up on it. And not that I had anything to do with it but obviously I knew what was good and if they’re (WWE) smart, they’ll start giving him some love”

The new ROH and what Colt thinks about it
“It does excite me. And I say to fans and even my family – there is zero negativity about this. It’s only going to be positive. On a scale of 0-100, whether it’s +2 instead of +100 of positivity, it’s still a positive. And it’s a positive thing to see that we’re moving in the right direction. A lot of the guys are really excited. A lot of people are looking forward to this and asking a lot of questions. But as a group we all knew there was nothing wrong with this and only positive things to look forward to.”

How much did the ROH talent know about the new ROH business deal

How does Colt like doing podcasts and how many has he done + how many more he will be doing

Colt on going to Iqaluit, NU to work shows this weekend with Arda and Jimmy
“I’m a Chicago kid. I spent many of times in Soldiers Field freezing my butt off watching Bears games. So I’m excited to go. I’ve seen documentaries on people doing these trips. And I’m just excited – just as the wrestling nerd in me – I’m excited to go to Nunavut and just work that territory.”

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