Gabe Sapolsky on Dragon Gate USA, rebranding

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Gabe Sapolsky of Dragon Gate USA Show Interview Recap
By Nikhil Kalhan
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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by their first guest of the night with Gabe Sapolsky the owner of Dragon Gate USA.

Gabe was on to plug DG USA next IPPV which is on this Friday in Revere Massachusetts. Check out and for more information.

Jack asked Gabe his thoughts on the Jon Moxley versus Jimmy Jacobs match was his favourite, Gabe said it was brilliant but they want to better that. The venue his Friday is across the road from a old ECW event. They are hoping for a great turn-up. Tickets are still available!!!

Afro called in and asked : If Gabe has witnessed a company botch a name change such as TNA? Gabe has witnessed it, NWA went to WCW ,Mid south to UPW, unless a company doesn’t give substance it won’t attract people.

OneInchBiceps asked his thoughts on Mach Man Randy Savage passing away? He said he was a legend and very influential

Nikhil phoned in and asked how does DG USA expand into a market? Gabe said they have to look at the history of the market and the population, they have done this before and also they need to deliver. Nikhil also asked if it was vital for a wrestling company to have a TV deal? Gabe said no because if you look at Ring of Honours TV deal it did not really help them, so it depends what type of deal that they can get.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the message board: Changed Man asked Gabe his favourite youshoot ROH interviews? Gabe said he didn’t enjoy doing them much but enjoyed the one when they were at Jim Cornette’s house

Jack asked if any veterans had views on DGUSA? Gabe said they have only had Jim Ross, Jerry the King Lawyer and Tommy Dreamer, but they enjoyed it very much.

Gabe said DGUSA is high flying action that has never been seen but it also has hard hitters and technical masters. His favourite is Pac at the moment, everything he does is crisp and reminds him of Dynamite Kid and Chris Benoit during the glory years.

Jack asked Gabe if he ever wanted to become a on screen character? Gabe said no, it hasn’t interested him and even stars have pushed him to but he has refused.

Bob Colling asked if they will ever visit Syracuse? Gabe said Brody Lee is massive there and don’t rule out anything.

Jack asked is Trina Michaels suitable for wrestling? Gabe said she had great attitude and was something different for the show. Trina was a brilliant person. Jack asked if have they ever thought about hiring more Japanese guys? H said it’s tough because they have a massive roster already and a full roster from DGUSA. Gabe said woman wrestling is good and could have a future in DGUSA, Gabe doesn’t watch Tough Enough but wants to watch Lance Storm’s new show.

Jack thanked Gabe for coming on to the show. Check out and for more information and tickets details!

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