A.J Kirsch of Tough Enough Interview Recap
By Nikhil Kalhan
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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by their second guest of the night A.J Kirsch aka Tumbleweed of Tough Enough.

Jack asked where did the Tumbleweed nickname come from? A.J said there first training day was to do rolls and he after he finished they called him tumbleweed. A.J. said skidmarks nickname was given to him by Booker T as he didn’t believe he was a previous bouncer and called his story shits and named him skid mark.

Jack asked if it was helpful for him to be on TV? A.J. said he recognised nearly everyday and people come up to him recognising his from tough enough and plus being part of the brand WWE. A.J. got involved because his friends said US network wanted to bring more reality TV series and decided to bring back Tough Enough, so he did a video promo then flew into Los Angeles to do various interviews and 28 went there and 14 went back. He has been wrestling for five years and praised some people because none of them had stepped into the ring such as Rima.

OneInchBiceps asked A.J. who do you think will win it? A.J. said Luke has more charisma and better known, he has a better relationship with the fans because he is a pretty boy. He clicked with them straightaway. A.J. said he never watched the episodes until they aired on TV and what they decide to include and didn’t. He said there are many things he wishes a DVD could come out with deleted scenes because Tough Enough was success for the USA Television.

Jack asked what was Stone Cold like? A.J. said he was very intense and when in the ring he was his trainer. When he drove for the first time that was the first time they had contact with him. Bill De Mott is as hard as he is on TV and pushed you too places you do not know. He wants people to exceed.

Jack asked if he was to be eliminated? A.J. said it was his time to go, he injured Christina’s sprain ankle and had a previous rough few weeks beforehand. He is not bitter for leaving.

OneInchBiceps asked what is A.J’S best attributes? AJ felt that was one of his best skills and told Martin and Eric when they go on the mic its one of the important aspects of Sports Entertainment and people like Hogan, Rock and Austin were brilliant on the mic.

A caller phoned in and asked is A.J. which show does he prefer Raw or Smackdown? A.J. said it was the flagship show and he watched wrestling since March 1996.Raw has something special in his heart. A.J. said it was an honour to be with Booker T and Stone Cold but with the Rock there it was a honour.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the board: Crystal In Denver asked who would he like to have wrestled from Tough Enough and why? He said he would love to wrestle Martin and he had a good time. It was comfortable and relaxing when they did a challenge together. Jack asked if he keeps in touch with anyone? A.J. said he talks with Martin, Eric and Rima time to time. He still wants to pursue his goal and get a job with the WWE.

Jack asked if he is taking any indy bookings? A.J. at the moment is not sure but should be able to after the series finale and hopefully USA network get back to him to allow him to take bookings.

Nikhil phoned in and asked what did stars such as Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart give you outside of the cameras? Bret would talk on and on and you could ask him many questions. He said you guys were fans as first and that is what they want as a performer.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the board: Mr Moxley asked what was like for wrestling for APW in his early? He said it was based on California and Roland Alexander was brilliant and really patient, it was great experience for him and he learnt a lot. They gave him his first push in Indy wrestling and he was tag tea champions for a year and half and beat teams such as New Age Laws and Americas Most Wanted.

Jack asked if he was surprise Matt Cross was eliminated early on? A.J. said he was shocked not to see him come back and considering he had 9 years experience, he believes his face was the problem because he had no expressions and it was too plain, apart from that everything was brilliant.


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