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Mr Wrestling II Interview Recap
By Nikhil Kalhan

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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by Mr. Wrestling II this week, who will appearing at the NWA Legends Fanfest this August 4-7 in Atlanta, GA.

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Mr. Wrestling II opens with a story about policemen stopping him and letting him go once they saw his mask while wrestling in Atlanta back in the day.

Jack asked what would he to do protect his identity? Mr Wrestling II said he took a lot of pride wearing his mask and kept it on most of the time. People would follow him 10 miles down the road, he would take it off when he knew no one else was following him. You either take pride or don’t, but he did.

OneInchBiceps had a question from a fan. Specsun asked who was his mentors during his early tenure in the wrestling business? Mr. Wrestling II said he has been to many countries traveling in the business. It does become a chore but when you love what you are doing, you accept the pain as did many wrestlers who followed him.

Jack asked what was it like to be inducted in the Hall of Heroes? He said it was a brilliant experience. Mr. Wrestling II talks about his good friend Lou Thesz at a previous Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Jack asked if Steve Corino approached him about the Mr Wrestling III gimmick ? He said Corino came to Hawaii and asked him can he do the gimmick. In his opinion that is the correct thing to do. Many people have done the gimmick without permission and he would like to beat up. Many people have done fake Mr. Wrestling II gimmicks, which ihe feels is ridiculous. Jack mentioned Vince Russo doing a Mr. Wrestling angle in TNA, Wrestling II said they should ask him and not be the same character as him.

Jack said how did he perform wearing the mask? He said he went as the Masked Grappler in Florida and his wife made his first mask which was purple and yellow. He went in the ring and performed under it. He was in good condition and nearly blew up in the ring, he couldn’t breathe, the mask is very limiting on how much air you can get in. It is tough and took some getting used to. He admires people who wear them. Jack asked did he need to develop more physical mannerisms to communicate in the ring, since he couldn’t rely on facial expressions ? He had to keep himself in a good shape and was always good at communicating in the ring.

Jack asked what are his memories of his feud with Magnum TA? He said it involved the Junkyard Dog and enjoyed how it all played out. Jack asked his thoughts on the Assassin? He said he doesn’t like some stuff he does in the ring and he has told him that. However he should stay in the business and is a very tough individual.

OneInchBiceps had a question from a fan: Lover of Beers asked which was his favorite territory and any good stories? He had some great stories from Hawaii and Atlanta Georgia.
Mr. Wrestling II let’s us know he will be auctioning one of his original robes at the Fanfest. He goes on to tell stories of how his wife made the robes for him and many of the wrestlers including Ric Flair.

A caller phoned in and asked his thoughts on people copying him? Mr. Wrestling II called them idiots and shouldn’t call themselves a name which already has a legacy, go get their own name! His last question was the highest amount a robe, made by his wife, went for? One wet for $6000 which was made for Ric Flair.

Jack asked if he was happy people still use the knee-lift, and credit him for the move, such as Raven ? He said if they can do it and are successful keep on doing it.

Jack asked why did Eddie Graham think he would be good under a mask ? Wrestling II said he was a very clever man, great wrestler and promoter. He knew plenty of ideas and it took off. He wrestled for him a few times down in Florida.

Jack asked the difference between the Funk Brothers, Terry and Dory ? He wrestled Terry at MSG and Dory in Florida a lot, they both had respect for each other and he admires them. He said Dory was more straight laced professional and Terry was more of a wild man.

Mr. Wrestling II praised Greg Price for being a great man in the business.

Mr. Wrestling II says if he disliked you or thought you were terrible he would let you know.

Krusher Kox asked his greatest masked enemy? Mr Wrestling II said most guys were brilliant and he had to keep his head above water otherwise he would be punished. Mr. Wrestling II named The Assassin, The Masked Superstar, The Spoiler and Mr. Wrestling.

Jack plugged the NWA legends Fanfest with legends such as The Funk Brothers, The Andersons and Ted DiBiase showing up. Mr. Wrestling II talked about Ted being second generation and knowing his father…and Ted turned out “ok”.

Jack thanked Mr Wrestling II for being on the show. Mr. Wrestling II thanked everyone for listening and to come and see him and all the legends this August at the NWA Legends Fanfest.

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