Eddie Kingston on Sid, UWF debut, iPPV concept

talk IMPACT sent this in:

Eddie Kingston was the guest on talkIMPACTradio this week. The near 40 minute interview spanned a vast array of topics from the upstart Urban Wrestling Federation, CHIKARA, DragonGate USA and Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Here are some cliff notes. Listen to the interview in it’s entirety at http://www.talkIMPACTradio.com

-Eddie talked about working with Sid Vicious at the PWS iPPV. He considered sid an honor to work with. He was asked if he was disappointed in the match being so short and Eddie immediately noted that he knew it was going to be a short match and it was ultimately a respect thing.

-The crew talked about the Urban Wrestling Federation which Eddie described as the HBO series, “The Wire,” meets wrestling. Tailor made for the Hip Hop community. Coolkdog then awkwardly asked if the company was racist… and we’re not quite sure if it was a joke. UWF debuts on Pay Per View June 24th.

-Eddie talked a bit about the CHIKARA/AIW doubleshot later this month where he will be wrestling Brodie Lee and BJ Whitmer on the same day. Eddie is very much looking forward to it. The group then talked about BJ Whitmer and his return to wrestling, Eddie said he should have come back much sooner.

-Indy asked Eddie about his thoughts on iPPV and Eddie said he hates it. He likes the concept but hates the delivery. Too many live broadcasts end up horrible quality or not at all, such as the recent DragonGate PPV.

-Eddie was asked about his thoughts on the NBA Finals which led to an awesome tirade against LeBron James.. This was worth the price of admission (which was free by the way). He also talked a little about the Knicks.

-Eddie spoke about the tournament for the CHIKARA World Title, An upcoming match with Colt Cabana, Wrestling with Akira Tozawa, Christopher Daniels, The lighting during Sin Cara’s matches, AIW adopting the TPI tournament and much, much more..

Checkout the interview now at http://www.talkIMPACTradio.com

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