Audio: “The Velvet Room” for June 17, 2011

The latest edition of “The Velvet Room” for Friday, June 17, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Clinton Bowman, Nicholas Gray and Greg McNeish.

The family is back together as Nicholas finally returns to the Velvet Room after 2 tumultous weeks of malcontent insanity committed upon Clinton and Greg, but God help us all if Nick’s presence didn’t do a thing to stop it…

Topics discussed on the 6/17-18 edition of the Velvet Room:

* Why Christian’s heel turn is kinda floundering.

* Why Clinton is thisclosetoexcommunicatingJinderMahalfromIndia.

* Why Greg thinks Zack Ryder is overrated and JTG just sucks.


* Jason Namako, Wrestleview columnist Anthony Valvo and Jessie Walek join the show to provide picks for Capital Punishment.

Did we mention that Jinder Mahal sucks? Yeah…that’s what we’re calling this episode…Jinder Mahal Sucks. Cause he does. *mic drop*

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