Arda Ocal sent this in:

Arda Ocal (@Arda_Ocal) & Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) of R.A.W. Radio recently spoke with the legendary Nick Bockwinkel. Highlights:

Nick speaks about his early beginnings in professional wrestling including his first encounter with Lou Thesz

The art of the promo – talking calmly vs yelling in your delivery

On having a very rare AWA/WWE title match with Bob Backlund in Toronto

The pressure of either working for the last remaining big wrestling promotions of the time in the 80s – the WWF or the NWA

Which decade was it the best to be a pro wrestler?

Nick Bockwinkel on being paired with Ray Stevens and being managed with Heenan
“Ray started off around 16 years old, when he was just a kid. Ray Stevens is one of the most naturally talented wrestlers and I was extremely fortunate that I had him as my tag-team partner and I had Bobby Heenan as our manager. And you can ask just about anybody – in the business at the era – and they would all tell you that having (Ray) Stevens as a partner and (Bobby) Heenan as your manager meant you were truly blessed – and I was.”

For the very candid full 30+ minutes interview, click this link