Jerry Jarrett talks about the creation of TNA

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I wanted to let you know about a new interview we did with Jerry Jarrett.

Jerry Jarrett Interview 2011 – NWA-TNA Creator – Mid South Wrestling – USWA

Over 1 hour long, here is the youtube description which sums it up:

On June 8th 2011, we had the chance to speak with Pro Wrestling legend Mr. Jerry Jarrett.
After over 60 years in the wrestling business Jerry has done it all and has been everything from Referee to Promoter.

Today’s Impact Wrestling was built as NWA TNA which Jerry created with his son, Jeff Jarrett.
Back in early days of Memphis Wrestling Jerry was extremely successful in booking quality storylines and angles that fans still talk about to this day.
The very essence of professional wrestling and active in Wrestling shows since the age of 7 years, to talk to Jerry was truly an educational and inspirational endeavour.

Many subjects are included in this one hour interview including :
*How Jerry Got started in the business*
*NWA-TNA Creation*
*Working with Vince McMahon and WWF*
*Jerry Lawler & Andy Kaufman*
*Thoughts on Randy Savage and The Iron Sheik*
*The business today*
*How to get started in the business*

Thank you very much to Mr. Jerry Jarrett for taking the time to talk to us.
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