Colt Cabana on his podcast, struggles of indy life

Slam! Wrestling is featuring an interview with Ring of Honor star Colt Cabana who talks about his popular “Art of Wrestling” podcast featuring various wrestling stars.

“It’s a conversation. I want it to feel like you’ve opened a door and walked into a room where two guys are just talking. These are the guys I’ve been travelling with for years so I knew how funny they are.”

Cabana also talks about the struggles of indy wrestling life.

“I do fear that the only place to make real money in wrestling is WWE. I mean, I’m able to eat and pay my rent, but I look at my best friend (CM Punk) and he’s a millionaire because he’s in that company. Every day I struggle with whether I should pick up the phone and call (WWE) and ask for a job.”

Full interview:
Cabana’s podcasts study The Art of Wrestling

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