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Longevity in pro wrestling is a skill. When the business is in your blood, you have to fight harder to make your own mark. Chavo Guerrero, a 3rd generation wrestler from the world famous Guerrero family, is one of my favorite people from my time in WWE. Just a few months ago, Chavo asked for his release from WWE after being employed over 10 years. In this new podcast recorded on Friday, Chavo and I talk about what “cut day” is like at WWE as a talent, why he left WWE, his transition to WWE from WCW, teaming with Eddie Guerrero, the famous Los Guerrero vignettes, life on the road and so much more. Follow Chavo on Twitter (@MexWarrior) and share this podcast with all fans who wonder what is going on with WWE and their talent. Listen to the podcast http://blip.tv/iwantwrestling/chavo-guerrero-talks-leaving-wwe-his-career-and-life-on-the-road-5449612

Sample Quotes from the podcast

On days when multiple talents are let go:
Every time the phone rings you wonder if it’s Johnny Ace… A lot of people would be worried, “You might get the call”…. Vince McMahon is not in the charity profession. You got to produce or you’re going to be let go… You always got to be changing.

Role of being the “other guy” in matches to feature talent:
Testament to my background and brought up how I was in making the person look better then he could on his own. But sometimes, you get tired being that second fiddle and want to have people shine you.

How Eddie Guerrero looked at responsibility of being WWE Champion:
He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders… like the ratings. It was so much pressure on him and wanting to do well. Most people don’t know what it means to be the champion today, you should feel like the company is on your shoulders. Eddie respected that.

On Eddie’s Passing:
The Chavo Guerrero that woke up on the morning of november 13, 2005 – died right there with Eddie Guerrero. I came out of that room a changed man. I spent the last night before he died… I lost a brother. I lost him in my arms.