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After systematically describing how he’d eliminate the cast of the popular MTV series, former ECW tag champion Danny Doring proudly states he should have been on the show, as he is “a real Jersey shore person.” He belches on-camera, and plows on, stating that he’d not be seen in Seaside NJ, as that’s where the amateurs go.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as Doring provides fans and detractors the oportunity to laugh with him and at him on the most recent edition of “YouShoot,” the popular shoot DVD series. This House of Hardcore graduate led the charge in the ECW party scene during his tenure there, and he’s not above telling all the stories and naming all the names. Whether it’s cringe-worthy tales of degradation and humiliation of rats, to the ridiculous road stories, Doring is forthcoming with the details and ready to dish dirt.

Yes, then we’re back to the Jersey Shore for a bit, as we learn Doring’s opinions of The Situation’s sexuality and Snooki’s physical appearance. The “YouShoot” games are played as well. It’s this no holds barred format that has made “YouShoot” the most popular name in shoot DVDs. Kayfabe Commentaries president Sean Oliver says it’s a recipe that works when the right guest is chosen for the show.

“The most provocative and outspoken guests serve the series best,” Oliver started. “The questions and videos are all from the fans and they want a guest they can get a rise out of, either as their cheerleader, or provocateur. In this edition of the show we tried some new stuff, new games, it’s a little more graphics-heavy which adds something too, I think. The series continues to evolve and gain popularity as it does. We’re proud to claim ownership of the model.”

The “YouShoot” series has named its next two releases for the Fall with guests Chyna and Tony Atlas. Producers Kayfabe Commentaries also manage the series “Timeline: History of WWE,” “Timeline: History of ECW,” “Guest Booker,” “Wrestling’s Most…,” and the forthcoming new series “Breaking Kayfabe,” a more probing and traditional TV style interview which seeks to redefine the wrestling shoot interview.

“We’re always moving the business in new and exciting directions, but more importantly than that, the end result always delivers” Oliver said. “I think that’s what separates us from those scrambling to keep up.”

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