Foley talks comedy, working with Flair, Piper

Mick Foley interview recaps from
by Taso the Greek

Mick Foley is the next guest! Mick Foley will also be at JCW. He puts over the JCW card for this Friday because it is jam-packed with talent. Foley will be doing commentary. He says he will call the action respectfully and not make a joke about it. Foley hard-sells

Jack asks why is he doing comedy now? Foley says jokingly he never made anyone laugh but he wanted to try now. He says his books made people laugh. He says that wrestling promos are done once, but with comedy you can “chisel away” until you get the best way to tell a certain story. Jack mentions Piper at the NWA Fanfest doing comedy and telling stories and how it was very good. Foley says he can find his niche like different comedians, he does his own thing, he wants to see Piper do it, and it is all about how to integrate stories of wrestling and life on the road into an act. Jack mentions Piper was at a horror convention, and Foley agrees that wrestling fans have broad tastes and fit in anywhere, from a sci-fi show to a monster truck rally. He says people can identify with wrestler’s stories. Observational humor, Foley calls it, and says he has seen a lot of stuff in his career.

Foley talks about his tweet about TNA, Anthony Weiner, and makes a penis joke. Does twitter get wrestlers in trouble? Foley says don’t tweet and drink, he was tired, driving all day, and made a mistake. TNA got mad at him and it was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

What was his TNA’s highlight? He said it was his match versus Flair. It should have been on PPV. More people saw it on Impact than on PPV, so maybe that was a good thing. They should have advertised it better. They didn’t air a package that they had ready because the show was running long, basically, but his promo and that match were his favorite part of being in TNA. Jack brings up the Lethal vs. Flair woo-off, and Foley puts Lethal over as very talented and if he could channel his impersonations into his own character he would do great. He called Bully Ray a cheap Mick Foley rip-off, but he was pretty good, and Bully Ray said Foley was a rip-off of The Funker. All in jest, of course. Foley says Bully Ray is doing great, no one saw this coming even though the Dudleys are a legendary tag team, but he says Bully Ray is a highlight of Impact.

Jack goes over the JCW card, the main event being Funk versus Piper, and Foley puts Funk over as a great performer, period. The host and Foley put over Memphis Madness and the legends in that match, plus Tito Santana versus Greg Valentine, and Foley remembers their matches from the past. Jack and Incher bring up the Mesh Cage versus Blue cage argument. Foley says the Blue Cage is good for climbing but not for bumping and when Chyna threw him into it he hurt himself badly. He likes the mesh cage, but also said the blue cage has its place.

A caller mentions the USWA, Foley says he was there when it changed from World Class, he was there when they pulled down the WCCW letters. What was his biggest moment with the USWA? Breaking his wrist in a scaffold match was not great, but otherwise he enjoyed wrestling the Kerry Von Erich & Eric Embry.

Gene the Drunk called in with a question: the pros and cons of yesterday and today in the business? Foley says there are not enough places to learn anymore, he and a few other guys are the last who wrestled in the territories. He was able to learn before he made the big stage but the guys today have to learn on the job. Question: Flair and his troubles and transitioning from wrestling to the real world? He says Flair paid a price for being the Nature Boy because he lived that life for real. He suggested guys work a gimmick where they start out at the bottom. He says he paid for a recent trip to Europe and he had to sit near the toilet on the plane, so don’t live the gimmick. The term poo-dust enters the vernacular of IYH history at this point. Question: What happened to hardcore? Foley feels it’s good in small doses because it creates great moments that can be remembered.

Brainz called in with a question: Who will make a good opponent for Undertaker and would Foley would be one of them? Foley says there about five natural match-ups and he might be one, and he would like to be considered but doesn’t know if he could physically capable, and that probably he is not their first choice. Question from Nikhil: Happy about J.R. back on commentary? Yes, big move, J.R. is an institution. But he also likes Michael Cole and enjoyed the Cole Mine.

The interview finished with Foley talking about his comedy and how some people feel weird about watching him do comedy and would rather wait in line for four hours for an autograph. He will be recording stuff on the 24th on Long Island, New York, for people to check out.