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Monday Night Mayhem DVD Review: The Hardy Show: Season 7
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Written By: “Wild” Bill Brown

Content: 9.5
In the seventh installment of this innovative series, “The Hardy Show” expands past the limits, and showcases the widest variety of their personalities ever. Enjoy the mystery, the intrigue, the creativity, & the unknown here as “The Hardy Show: Season 7” brings to you ten brand-new episodes of all different kinds. For almost three hours, this DVD will make any wrestling fan, whether you like The Hardy’s or not, get sucked into watching & understanding the topics being told by the titles displayed. Take this incredible view at a vast spectrum of inspiring acting & masterful displays from some truly creative & outgoing minds.
Audio/Video: 9.5
Keeping in mind that this is not produced by a million dollar television studio (or anything similar), one has to be simply amazed by not only the camera work & clarity of anything being shown, but the presentation & musical effects that are constant throughout the DVD. This is incredibly well-produced & so easy to be grasped by the enjoyment of what’s being shown that “The Hardy Show: Season 7” may exceed almost any expectation of a video production made for DVD.
What’s On The DVD?
Watch all your favorite characters: Matt, Jeff, Shannon, Kimo, Itchweeed, Beth, & many more, as they showcase ten different episodes of both imaginative & reality TV.
The first episode of Season 7 is actually titled “The Us Show,” where The Hardy’s & Shannon were put out to pasture, and their enemies were trying to make a better show with their own ideas. The humor is great, and the story is telling — all the way through the ending & return of Matt, Jeff, & Shannon.
As you go through the DVD, Episode 2 has a crazy Halloween contest, hosted by Itchweeed, with some out of the ordinary characters competing against one another.
Episode 3 features “The Artist,” and you will get to see Jeff’s deep passion for his own arts & paintings, as well as foils & statues. You will see how unbelievably talented & how patient Jeff is when it comes to any form of creative art developments. An awesome episode to check out.
Episode 4 is from the old days, a Hardy classic from 1996 titled “A Million Reasons To Live, A Billion Reasons To Die,” and shows the first few years & early days of their innovative creativity & charisma that develops.
Episode 5 is “The Gamble,” and you will see a game where what’s at stake to the loser is beyond your normal requirements. What will happen, and how does it take place? Find out here!
Episode 6 is a “Spotlight On Gas Chamber Ink,” which is Shannon Moore’s personal tattoo shop. See how “The Prince Of Punk” runs his own private business & what they have for their clients.
Episode 7 Is “The Nine Man Meeting.” Matt Hardy will bring to you one interesting discussion, containing nine separate personalities.
Episode 8 features “Chef Jeff” and his style of cooking & grilling. You will get the feel as if you were invited to the Hardy house, as they tell stories & share humor, as well as present tips on their menu foods for the evening.
Episode 9 is the “Y? Light Zone,” and brings out the uniqueness of a prescribed medicine & the outrageousness that can be brought out by it. Jeff sees some crazy stuff, but the story is compelling to watch & goes beyond your normal mindset.
The final episode, Episode 10, is titled “Champs.” This is the best chapter of the bunch, as it gives any Hardy fan a healthy appetite for the Hardy’s appreciation for all of the support they have been given & how it excelled them to be at the top of their game. Matt & Jeff at this time both became World Champions at the same time in the same company, a feat that had never yet been done, and you (the viewer) will be showcased this appreciation & given a chance to share in a round of applause for The Hardy Boyz.
Overall Recommendation:
If you enjoy Matt or Jeff, the things that they do or the style of their lives, this is a must-have DVD. Believe the hype on this, and check it out; “The Hardy Show S7” is the best one yet since the creation of this series.
Final Thoughts: is the official website to visit & see the older versions of their reality series, as well as all other titles that they have to offer. “The Hardy Show: Season 8” is also in the works & soon-to-be-released, and all the upcoming information can be found there pertaining to “The Best Show Not On TV…” yet.
Overall Rating: 9.5
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