Taz commented on the passing of Steve “Dr. Death” Williams on his Twitter:

“We lost a GREAT MAN. Steve “Dr Death” Williams…RIP.”

Abyss has a new blog over on TNAWrestling.com where he talks about the end of the 2009 year and 2010.

“Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood Monster coming to you for my Year End Monster Blog. Wow what a great and eventful year it has been on all fronts. TNA has experienced strong growth once again in 2009. 2010 is shaping up to be the greatest year in company history. January 4th is less than a week away now and I can barely hold myself together from all the excitement and anticipation. The Hulk Hogan era of TNA begins on this night. Wrestling history will be redefined on this evening as The Hulkster joins TNA wrestling with our LIVE 3 hour event this Monday, January 4th. With Hulk Hogan, TNA will cement our statement in wrestling history as the greatest wrestling company ever! It is going to be a special night. I?m proud, excited, poised, and 150% ready to start 2010 with a huge bang. TNA is ready. Abyss is ready. Game on!!!”

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