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World Wrestling Insanity is proud to welcome back the new that’s so cool…it’s frozen. James Guttman joins former WCW Star Ray “Glacier” Lloyd to bring you an all new 52 minute edition of “Breaking The Ice”. From backstage work in TNA to acting to his academic achievements in the fitness world, Lloyd has a perspective that’s unique to all others. In the latest BTI episode, JG and Ray discuss whether Ray was ever told to take drugs in WCW, Marc Mero vs. Steve Blackman on CNN, young wrestler deaths and WWE’s handling of them, working Sunday PPVs followed by live show Mondays, “if you ask Terry Taylor to watch your match…”, a special appearance by Hazen Christensen from Visalus to discuss Hulk Hogan’s involvement with the company, and tons more. For a full list of topics head to:

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Ray Lloyd and James Guttman start the show by talking about Glacier’s fitness regimen and how he’s helping fans get in shape at However, Lloyd’s desire to help others doesn’t end there. Each week, JG and Glacier talk about tips for rookie, aspiring, or hopeful wrestlers. Through his days in WCW and backstage work in TNA, Ray has seen many young stars get swallowed up by the business and spit back out all because they lack the knowledge of how to be a part of the locker room team. So, as part of Breaking The Ice, Glacier gives weekly tips and shares them with listeners. This week, he focuses on his top ten rules for young performers. As he explains, it’s straight from the mouths of the most well known names in wrestling.

“It’s really important to me to pass on what I learned in wrestling and pass on what so many of the greats who took me under their wing taught me. Obviously, Dusty Rhodes is such a huge part of my life and my career. Lou Thesz – who I call the Babe Ruth of professional wrestling. And so many others – Larry Zybszko, Terry Taylor, and guys like that. Through the years, I’ve picked up a lot things from those guys that I feel like it’s an obligation that I wholeheartedly enjoy and appreciate the fact that I’m able to pass on what I learned. I feel like if I don’t, I’m doing the wrestling business and those guys an injustice.”
A big rule all new wrestlers have to realize is that long time stars have earned their spot. In a business known for short shelf lives, wrestlers who stand the test of time deserve respect no matter what. As Ray says in his show, it’s about knowing your place and reacting appropriately as situations arise.

“As a professional, getting respect in the locker room from veterans in something that should be a priority for you. It should be something that you’re conscious of. Granted, there are some people who don’t act like professionals who are veterans. I think it’s almost a case to case basis. Just be the bigger person and be a professional no matter how the other person is acting. Assume any veteran has earned the respect you’re going to give them. And if you feel along the way that they’re taking advantage of that, then you just remove yourself from that person. You don’t have to be around everybody. You might have to be in the ring with them, but that’s only ten to fifteen minutes. After that, you can separate yourself from them…
Here’s my number one big one that’s always big for me. I learned this from Lou Thesz. It is to always dress like a professional as much as you can in and out of the ring – especially when you go to shows. I’m not saying you have to wear a shirt and a tie and a suit. I’ll tell you one thing, it’ll make you stand out if you do. I immediately notice that, when I see someone who’s dressed like a professional. When I go to shows, I dress like a professional. The most I will ever dress down is a pair of slacks and nice shirt.”

Guttman mentions that even if you wear casual clothes, it can be acceptable. But it’s the guys in torn pants, sleeveless shirts, and – well – smelly hygiene that are digging their own hole. JG says it always confuses him considering that most locker rooms have showers. Why show up smelly? Ray agrees and the two discuss these rules before Glacier tells more to members.
“When you get to the building, introduce yourself to everybody. When we were on the road, every single day, I saw the same people. I still shook their hand and hugged them. This was with 250 days on the road. Just let them know you’re happy to be there. You’re a professional. I always say, try to find the veterans and start with them. Anybody crosses your path, you should really go to them, but make it a point to start with the veterans first and don’t wait for them to come to you because, as I said, they will rank you. They will judge you. Trust me. Based on what your actions are towards them. Fair or not – they will.”

These are just a few of Glacier’s ten rules for wrestling rookies that he lays out on his all new Breaking The Ice. Along a ton of topics, Ray Lloyd’s latest 52 minute edition touches upon many topics and is a true must-listen for any pro wrestling fan or performer. Remember, Ray’s show is one of many and one of countless stars available the moment you sign up to From Sean Mooney to Eric Bischoff to Jesse Ventura to the New Age Outlaws, you can hear them all the second you log in!