Jeff Jackson sent this in:

WNL returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network for a special Labor Day Edition and 2 big interviews from recently released WWE stars “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters & Harry (DH) Smith. JJ and Trey started things off with the “News of the Week” sponsored by and talked stories concerning Kurt Angle & Matt Hardy. After the break the boys were joined by former WWE Superstar Chris Masters and topics included: His release and how unexpected it was , the last year of his WWE return and growing as a performer, working with Shawn Michaels in his intial run in 05, thoughts on why he wasn’t the IC champ in 05 and why that never happened, his current schedule on the Indy’s and what the future holds for Masters, and a listener in chat renames the Master Lock “The Masters Lock”. Also Masters has a few words for Harry Smith he asked the boys to pass on.After the 2nd break JJ introduces the returning Mark” The Shark” DiCarlo to the show and introduces the next guest former WWE Tag Team Champion & 3rd Generation superstar Harry Smith to the program. JJ passes along Chris Masters remarks to Harry and topics of discussuion included: His release from the WWE, His recent stint in Japan for Antonio Inoki’s IGF Promotion, tagging with Bobby Lashley during the tour, Training for MMA at Batista’s school in Florida,thoughts on Mauro Renallo as an announcer in both wrestling and MMA, The Hart Dynasty in WWE and how it seemed as though it was destined to fail, the break-up between the Hart Dynasty and how it should have happened, thoughts on Davey Boy Smith going into the Hall of Fame , Daveys thoughts on the screw job and returning to the WWE, The idea behind the Cowboy DH Smith gimmick prior to his release, Billy Robinson, working on a new version of Stampede wrestling and taping a show on Sept 9th that JJ and The Shark will be doing commentary on as Harry teams with Ted Hart to face The Young Bucks. His future bookings and what the future holds for Harry Smith. JJ, Trey and Shark took a few phone calls before wrapping this labor day edition of WNL with a little Jerry Reed as the boys crooned “Eastbound and Down” from the Smokey and the Bandit Soundtrack.