Josh Stewart passed along a Q and A he conducted with Mick Foley discussing a number of topics including his recent departure from TNA and if was aware if the company was ever profitable during his time there.

“I was never close enough to know anything more than you guys in the media would know. I do think they had a really profitable year in 2009, and then I heard they may have overspent. But Bob Carter said something very prophetic to Dusty Rhodes when I asked Dusty about the status of the company. He said, ‘Until I close the doors, it’s not a loss, it’s an investment.’ So, I’m glad they’re around, I really wish them the very best, it was a very good place for me to go for a few years. I didn’t see eye-to-eye with them on a lot of things, but I certainly enjoyed most of my time there.”

Full interview:
Mick Foley Q&A: TNA, “Beyond the Mat,” and his little “Hardcore Legend”