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The new #1 contenders to the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles, The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King), were two of the featured guests on this week’s live edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem. You can feel The Mayhem live every Monday evening (at 7PM ET/6PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,, & Join The Mayhem right now on Facebook (at, follow The Mayhem on Twitter (at, and subscribe to The Mayhem’s official YouTube channel (at

Rhett & Kenny joined The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent for their exclusive interview with The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (to promote & preview Ring of Honor’s national television debut on the Sinclair Broadcast Group), which is now available in Windows Streaming Media or via the official MNM Podcast on iTunes:

The All Night Express/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Streaming Audio):

The All Night Express/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast on iTunes):

Interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM’s associate producer & official correspondent:

The buildup to Ladder War 3 vs. The Briscoes & what it meant to headline Ring of Honor’s “Death Before Dishonor IX”: (Rhett): “The buildup toward Ladder War 3 has been coming pretty long for me. From the original Ladder War, you’ll find a young Rhett Titus doing ringside security that night. I remember watching The Briscoes and Kevin Steen & El Generico and thinking ‘Man, how can these guys do this?’ At that time in my career, I didn’t have a problem with no one or have a feud where that could be something I could consider doing. As time went on with The Briscoes, and the whole just kept snowballing, it just came to the point where it was only on way to be settle it was The Briscoes’ own game: Ladder War. Throw in the fact that it’s a sold-out crowd in New York City, and we’re the main event on the iPPV. We weren’t playing no games. We were going make sure that when we left there that everybody knew our names, that everyone knew what the hell we’re about, and that everyone was going to know that we are here to stay all night long.”

The feeling of having closure in their feud with The Briscoes, while at the same time becoming the new #1 contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Titles: (Kenny): “The goal was always to be the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, but more importantly, we did sign the contract in the blood of The Briscoes. Ladder War was it. There was going to be no more of us. We agreed, on both sides, that we weren’t going to go after each other any more after this. It was more for us to let them know that we can beat their ass and then getting the contracts more than anything else and achieving both goals. I feeling really good about that.”

Having to adjust after Austin Aries’ departure from Ring of Honor & seeing their collective stock rise to their current standing within the company: (Rhett): “When Austin Aries was around, we always kind of looked up to him as a mentor, and went to him for advice, and that sort of thing. Once he left, it was ‘sink or swim’ time. We’re out here on our own, so we just turned it up three notches, and we’ve been going hard as hell ever since.”

How the mental & physical preparation for The Briscoes going into Ladder War 3 will be changing completely for their forthcoming ROH World Tag Team Title Match vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) at “Glory By Honor X”: (Kenny): “Going into it, it’s a totally different mindset from our last match. You can’t prepare for a Ladder Match. You can’t prepare for someone to smash you upside the head with a ten-foot ladder, somebody trying to knock you off a ladder. You just have to get into a mental toughness where pain doesn’t matter, so going from that to going to an athletic contest with two of the most gifted athletes on the planet and two of the best professional wrestlers in the world, that’s a complete different mindset.”

Much more is contained in The All Night Express’ exclusive interview with The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, including Rhett & Kenny’s candid thoughts on Ring of Honor’s forthcoming debut on the Sinclair Broadcast Group, what they believe that new fans of ROH will see when watching the product, the importance of finally putting their feud with The Briscoes to rest, whether or not they can trust The Briscoes in interfering in their Ring of Honor World Tag Tam Title Match vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) at Glory By Honor X, plus a message to the current, reigning, & defending WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne). For the latest breaking ROH news & announcements and to get the up-to-the-minute results during next Saturday night’s event in Louisville, be sure to follow the world of honor on Facebook (at, on Twitter (at, or head on over to If you missed your chance to witness Ring of Honor’s “Death Before Dishonor IX,” order the iPPV replay right now at, plus check your local listings for ROH on the Sinclair Broadcast Group this weekend (September 24th/25th), as Ring of Honor makes its highly-anticipated national television debut!

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