Audio: “Wrestleview Radio” – September 26, 2011

The latest edition of “Wrestleview Radio” for Monday, September 26, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Adam Martin and Hunter Golden.

Topics discussed on the show for September 26, 2011:

* Hunter tries to cope with the Red Sox playing extremely bad baseball at the moment.
* Adam tries to catch the closing moments of the Cowboys-Redskins game on Monday night.
* Adam and Hunter then review the 9/26 go-home edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.
* Yes, another go-home Raw just two weeks after the last one hyping the Hell in a Cell PPV.
* Hunter on the opening Raw segment with Triple H and what could be a new character direction.
* Thoughts on Cody Rhodes being thrust into a Battle Royal and retaining his title in the end.
* Why the Divas division is really starting to pick up and why Beth Phoenix should SLOW DOWN.
* Hunter on why the Mark Henry angle continues to be the best thing going in WWE today.
* Hunter poses a question asking if Henry’s push is the strongest in WWE in the last 10 years.
* Why the “WWE held me down” argument is completely dead thanks to Zack Ryder’s persistence.
* Discussion on John Cena’s awful Hell in a Cell promo, but why it would have been a struggle for all.
* After the break, we take a phone call regarding comments about Mark Henry’s role in WWE.
* Updated news regarding the WWE Network and the possibility of big PPV events being featured.
* Jason Namako joins the show to review the debut of ROH on Sinclair with Adam.
* Oh and we play lots of Neil Diamond music to drive Hunter crazy.
* That and more on this weekly Monday night podcast!

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