Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of #AftermathRadio on and iTunes spoke with former WWE Superstar Domino – Cliff Compton (@cliffcompton).

Going to Nigeria and being mistaken for GSP – how many wrestlers in Nigeria are referred to as ‘Super’, and the biggest legend is known as ‘The Great Power Uti’

Working in Nigeria and his experience
“I read Foley’s book (Have a Nice Day) way back in the day and that’s all I really knew about working in Nigeria and Mick didn’t really have the greatest story of working over there – and he went in the ’80’s so it must have been crazier because it was crazy when I went. I ended up going because (Luke) Gallows contacted me about going over and the money was pretty decent so I went. The flight was over 11 hours – in coach. It’s a 3rd World country and kind of lawless. ‘Super Domino (Cliff Compton) vs. The Great Power Uti’ in a boxing ring in the national stadium that holds over 85,000 – we were only expecting 85.”

Working with The Great Power Uti
“The guy is north of 60 and they refer to matches as ‘fights’. And this guy is so respected, he’s in the government and a reverend in his off time. He actually plays the saxophone on the way to the ring. And the press conference was so ridiculous because he was in full gear, I thought ‘this was so lame’ – but they showed that all through Nigeria. Now a promoter in Chicago may want to do ‘Super Domino vs. The Great Power Uti’ with Colt Cabana as the ref and Gallows is in my corner.”

Trying to convince Jimmy Korderas to go to Nigeria for the next tour

Did he lose money on the tour due to being forced to pay expenses he didn’t anticipate

He may end up on TV in the near future, though he wouldn’t specify where

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