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World Wrestling Insanity is proud to welcome back the new that’s so cool…it’s frozen. James Guttman joins former WCW Star Ray “Glacier” Lloyd to bring you an all new massive 75 minute edition of “Breaking The Ice”. In the latest BTI episode, JG and Ray discuss Ray’s time in TNA, whether anti-TNA bias exists online, whether TNA is at fault for it, ROH vs. TNA, being able to tell guys are miserable on TV just from their entrances, the Muppets hosting Raw, his role in “River of Darkness” with Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash, Ten Secrets to Being a Pro Wrestler, questions from members, and tons more. For a full list of topics head to:

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As the show usually begins, James Guttman and Glacier discuss the Glacier 90 day fitness challenge at Like his friends, Marc Mero and Diamond Dallas Page, Ray Lloyd always tries to keep positive. Even when bad things happen, he keeps a smile on his face. To illustrate the point, he tells the crazy story of how his driverless car drove into his garage just that morning. Guttman calls it Ray’s “Matt Hardy Moment”. They laugh about the incident and discuss how sometimes you just have to accept things for what they are and realize that getting mad just doesn’t help. This point was explained best when Ray answered a question from a member. Pointing out how Paul Roma has answered the question on his show before, the Club member asked who Glacier least liked working with in the ring. Lloyd responded:

“The one person who always seems to come to mind first – and it’s not necessarily because I didn’t gel with him. It was always a challenge and I never got to know him real well so maybe that was part of it. Part of it, I think, was just that he was a very physical wrestler, but by the time I got to work with him, I think that he was maybe a little, you know, thinking he should have been getting a push that maybe he wasn’t getting at the time and he wasn’t happy with what they were doing. The guy had great skill and a great run in World Class – Chris Adams. I do think that a lot of it was – and I can’t say for sure – I think that I came in with the whole thing and, of course, I was doing the Cryonic Kick. I always wondered if Chris had a little animosity towards that. We never really sat down and talked about it. You know, that was a big thing for him, all those years in World Class (using the Super Kick) and everything.”

The move seemed to be a sticking point, at least in Ray’s eyes. Long time fans remember Gentleman Chris Adams using the move on all the WCCW stars for years. When Lloyd joined WCW with a Super Kick of his own, it could have been something that didn’t sit well with Adams. As he explains to, they were put in a program together during their runs in the company.

“Terry Taylor came up with the idea for us to do a feud on the Saturday Night show. We did some Thunders and stuff. We did the house shows together. But the matches were just always, um, a lot of work. (laughs) That’s probably the best way to put it. I don’t think the fans ever noticed anything. I think we always gave the fans a great match. It was just the kind of match that, in my eyes, it didn’t have to be like that. But it always turned out to be that kind of match where they were very, very, very physical matches. But, like I said, I never sat down with Chris and said, ‘Hey, do you have a problem with me?’ I just felt like it wasn’t worth addressing.”

The feelings, at least for Glacier, were never personal. It was just the way they worked together between the ropes.

“Personally, no animosity on my end. You just have chemistry with some people. Some people you don’t. We just never seemed to gel as much as I’d have liked us to because I really felt like we could have done some even better stuff. But, you know, it is what it is.”

Guttman says that Chris Adams is a star that always intrigued him. From watching WCCW as a kid, he had always seen Chris as a proper gentleman with poofy hair and a big smile. But as he learned about the business more, he discovered that Adams was a no-nonsense guy who was tougher than most fans would imagine from seeing him on TV. As the Breaking The Ice audio continues, Ray speaks on that and how he made sure that even with chemistry problems between opponents, he still worked to give the best product possible.

“I’m in no way saying that I’m a critic of Chris Adams at all. I’m just saying that we didn’t gel as well as we’d like to the ring sometimes. Even though we didn’t totally gyp the fans, I just think there could have possibly been a way – I felt we both ended the match sometimes when we could have given the fans more and I can honestly say that after all my years in this business, I’ve never ever phoned in a match in my 24 years and I never well.”

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