Arda Ocal sent this in.

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) of Aftermath on and theScore Television Network spoke with former WWE Superstar Ray Rougeau, who just went through a spectacular 3 day search to find his missing 77 year old hunting partner in northern Quebec. Highlights:

– Details on his 3-day long search, how he found his hunting partner alive and fallout from the unbelievable story

“One day later (after he went missing) I took a policeman with me, we flew over the main logging road, searching in the ravines. We didn’t find him. Two days later, we narrowed it down to a 2000 square kilometer area and I flew 100km north, moved over just a touch in my plane within the area then flew 100 km south. Going in an up and down pattern without missing any space. After about 500km, I saw a little vehicle, I veered off and found his truck. He got out and waved his arms. He told me he ruined our hunting trip… I said because he was alive this was the best hunting trip I’ve ever had”

Also discussed are a variety of other topics, including:

– What Raymond is up to these days

– The “Fabulous Rougeau Brothers”, including why they became villains and their catchy theme music “All American Boys”

“The idea would be that we would turn heel. We did it very slowly, over 3 months. It was Vince’s idea that we would come out with the American flags and saying we’d move to the United States and lay it on thick, how much we love the USA, how much we love living here… until the people hate your guts and say ‘these guys are full of it’. I looked at him and said ‘are you sure?’. Vince said ‘trust me’. We became the most hated team in the WWE at that time, I would get death threats and everything”.

– Retiring in 1989 but having his son bring him back for one more “match” in 1996 against Owen Hart in Montreal

– Becoming a commentator, including being the only announcer to perform “Face to Face” interviews from its inception until it’s end, including explaining a typical day of shooting those promos.

– Being an avid pilot of small planes and a funny story about him having to land a plane on a road because an airport he thought was nearby was converted into a golf course.

Full 40+ minute interview can be found here: