Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors Season 2 Premier
Albuquerque, New Mexico (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)
October 01, 2011
Commentators: Kevin Kelly & Todd Romero
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

We are FINALLY back for Season 2 of Lucha Libre USA’s “Masked Warriors!” The show opens up with RJ Brewer cutting a promo about securing the borders while standing at the fence the whole time luchadores are scaling the fence behind him.

We cut to a preview of the Fatal 4-Way to crown the very first LL-USA Heavyweight Championship that will go down tonight followed by the brand new “Masked Warriors” intro.

Inside the arena we have two new commentators, Kevin Kelly (who is a former WWE announcer as well as being the current lead commentator for ROH) and Todd Romero. We’re going to go straight to the ring now!

Rudisimo (El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr.) vs. Treachery (Rellik & Sydistiko)

Oriental & Tinieblas have a new name, going by Rudisimo rather than the Dinastia name they were going by. This is a preview match of the Tag Team Titles Tournament. For those unaware, Sydistiko, was TJ Perkins (Puma) in Season One, but taking up the mask this season will be former WWE and TNA star Paul London. Sydistiko and Oriental will start the match off here. They lockup and Oriental gets Sydistiko in a wristlock and he starts twisting on the arm of Sydistiko and then he transitions into a single leg takedown. Oriental flips Sydistiko over and then locks him in a side headlock. Sydistiko shoves Oriental into the ropes and Oriental slides underneath Sydistiko’s legs and hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover. Oriental follows up by a Snapmare Takeover and then he dropkicks Sydistiko in the back of the head. Oriental tags in Tinieblas and they both chop Sydistiko in the corner repeatedly. They whip Sydistiko into the ropes and then Tinieblas hits a Drop Toe Hold on him followed by a Rolling Chinlock from Oriental. Oriental holds Sydistiko’s head up in the air and Tinieblas kicks him in the head. Tinieblas locks Sydistiko in an Abdominal Stretch but Rellik comes in and breaks the hold up and puts the boots to Tinieblas. Sydistiko rolls out of the ring so Rellik is now the legal man. Rellik whips Tinieblas into the ropes but Tinieblas explodes off the ropes with a hurricanrana followed by an armdrag. Tinieblas hits another armdrag and then he tags in Oriental. Rudisimo whips Rellik into the ropes and Oriental hits a back kick to the gut on Rellik. Tinieblas then hits a Running Back Hand Chop. Oriental grabs Rellik by the feet and rolls him backward onto his feet, and as he gets to his feet Tinieblas hits a Cartwheel into a rollup! But instead of pinning Rellik he instead rolls Rellik over and wraps him up in a submission and then Oriental comes in with a Running Somersault Plancha on Rellik as he’s wrapped up by Tinieblas! Sydistiko comes back into the ring as we go to the first commercial break.

——————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Back from the break Oriental is climbing up the ropes but Sydistiko shoves him off right into the arms of Rellik! Rellik hits a Front Slam and Sydistiko hits a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop on Oriental! Rellik follows up with a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop of his own onto Oriental! Sydistiko then hits a Slingshot Somersault Plancha on Oriental! 1…2…NO Tinieblas breaks it up! Sydistiko grabs Tinieblas and holds him as Rellik charges, but Tinieblas escapes his grasp and Rellik runs right into Sydistiko. Tinieblas hits a Bicycle Kick on Rellik, but then walks into a Back Heel Kick from Sydistiko. Sydistiko then stumbles into a series of slaps and kicks from Oriental. Oriental then hits the ropes and connects with a Running Dropkick that sends Sydistiko into the corner. Oriental hits a Drop Toe Hold on Rellik followed by an Elbow Drop and then a Somersault Leg Drop! Oriental hits the La Magistral Cradle! 1…2…NO Rellik kicks out and then gets back to his feet and connects with a Big Boot on Oriental. Rellik whips Oriental into the ropes and connects with a nasty running Lariat. Rellik follows with a Scoop Slam for two before Tinieblas breaks it up. Sydistiko comes in and attempts a clothesline on Tinieblas, but he ducks and hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker on Sydistiko! Tinieblas then kicks Sydistiko into the ropes and then charges at him but Sydistiko is able to drop down and send Tinieblas flying over the top rope to the floor! Sydistiko then hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Tinieblas on the floor! Our first dive of the season! In the ring Rellik whips Oriental into the corner and then charges at him, but Oriental moves and Rellik goes crashing into the ring post. Oriental then hits a dropkick to Rellik’s knees. Oriental then grabs Rellik and lifts himself HIGH up into the air and into a SPIKE DDT! Oriental hits a Moonsault off the bottom rope, then a Moonsault off the second rope, and finally he goes up top to finish off the Trifecta! Sydistiko distracts the referee as a man dressed in a black hooded robe runs out and hits an Enziguri on Oriental knocking him off the top rope! Rellik grabs Oriental and hits the Demon Driver! Sydistiko climbs up top and hits the Totally Sydistik (Shooting Star Press)! Rellik knocks Tinieblas off the apron and Treachery gets the win!

Winners: Treachery via pinfall (Demon Driver/Totally Sydistik)

The commentators wonder if the hooded man was a new member of Treachery.

A special video package highlights Lizmark Jr. and Marco Corleone and their rivalry heading into the Title Match. Lizmark talks about his mask and the legacy of it and his family. Lizmark says Marco has no business being a part of that legacy and everyone will bow down to him when he is crowned the LL-USA Champion. He did very well with his English. Marco says he’s been wrestling for over a decade now and he talks about leaving the U.S. for Mexico, and he says that one of the people he became friends with in Mexico was Lizmark. He says they were almost brothers at one time and now they’re bitter enemies. Marco says he will be the last man standing tonight and he will win the title.

In the back the new backstage announcer, Luticia, approaches Mini Park who’s looking over some papers. Mini Park’s ex-wife wants more child support and it says the restraining order he had against her has been suspended and he’ll be facing her in the ring tonight. As Park walks away she says she thinks Tigressa Caliente is behind this.

——————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Lumberjack Match
Rosetta Park vs. Mini Park

Tigressa Caliente and Pequeno Halloween accompany Rosetta to the ring. She’s wearing a female version of the La Parka gear but no mask. Octagoncito and Mascarita Dorada accompany Mini Park to the ring. Rosetta kicks Mini and tries to toss Mini to the floor but he stops before he goes out and rolls back in. Mini hits a Drop Toe Hold on Rosetta followed by a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Rosetta then grabs Mini by the head and hits a knee to the gut. Rosetta attempts to whip Mini into the ropes but he reverses it and then goes for a Hip Toss, but Rosetta blocks it and hits one of her own. Rosetta then hits a dropkick that sends Mini out to the floor. Pequeno Halloween and Tigressa whip the dog crap out of Mini Park with straps all around ringside before he finally rolls back into the ring. Rosetta talks trash to Mini as he gets back in the ring and then she slaps him. Rosetta slaps him a second time but Mini blocks a third slam and hits a body slam. Mini whips Rosetta into the ropes and connects with a hip toss but Rosetta gets back to her feet and hits a series of Forearms. Rosetta whips Mini into the ropes but he springboards off the ropes into a Springboard Flying Armdrag! Mini then hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker and she rolls out to the floor. Octagoncito and Dorada go to strap her but Tigressa & Halloween get between them. Mini Park climbs up top and dives off with a Plancha onto all the lumberjacks! Park then kicks Rosetta and tosses her back into the ring. Mini charges Rosetta in the corner but she side steps him. Rosetta then starts swinging wildly at him but he dodges every shot and then he rolls her up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Mini Park via pinfall (rollup)

——————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Back from the break the next vignette to hype up the LL-USA Title competitors spotlights Charly Malice and RJ Brewer. Malice speaks in Spanish (with English interpretation). Malice says he’s been battered and bruised while the fans have always supported him and he gives back to them tonight. RJ says for those that haven’t been listening he will repeat himself again, he comes from the famous Brewer family and tonight he gives Phoenix, Arizona what they’ve been waiting for when he wins the title. He says he’s going to take the “Lucha Libre” out of the title’s name and just leave USA. He says he’ll destroy all of the disgraces of Lucha Libre out of LL-USA.

In the back the gorgeous Rebecca Reyes is playing poker with some of the luchadores when Pequeno Halloween comes in and flips the table over. The two argue over her “deceiving him.” I believe that was Tatanka in there as well?

——————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Main Event
LL-USA Heavyweight Championship
Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match
Lizmark Jr. w/Sydistiko vs. “International All-Star” Marco Corleone vs. Charly Malice vs. RJ Brewer

Marco comes right into the ring and starts throwing shots at Lizmark! They start brawling out to the floor right off the bat! Marco slams Lizmark into the ring post while RJ and Malice go at it in the ring. Sydistiko hits Marco as the referee isn’t looking and Lizmark tosses Marco into the guardrail. Marco kicks Lizmark and then chases Sydistiko away. In the ring Brewer hits a shoulder block off the ropes and then Malice leapfrogs him and hits a Hip Toss followed by a 2nd one. Brewer stumbles into the corner and Charly hits him with a running dropkick. Lizmark comes in and hits Charly with a Running Back Elbow and then he follows up with an Elbow Drop. Lizmark tosses Charly into the corner and chops away at him. Lizmark taunts the crowd and then whips Charly into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Charly ducks and as he hits the ropes Marco trips him and drags him out to the floor. Marco climbs back in the ring and gets in Lizmark’s face. Marco hits a series of right hands on Lizmark and then slams him each and every corner turnbuckles. Marco puts the boots to Lizmark until Brewer attacks him from behind. Brewer whips Marco into another corner and Sydistiko drags his buddy Lizmark out to the floor to catch a breather. Brewer covers Marco in the ring for the first nearfall of the match. Brewer whips Marco into the corner and follows with a Running Shoulder Block followed by a Snap Suplex for another nearfall. Brewer whips Marco into the ropes but Malice trips Marco and drags him out to the floor. Malice slides back in and hits a Springboard Flying Cross Body on Brewer! 1…2…NO Brewer kicks out! Malice chops Brewer and then attempts to whip Brewer into another corner. Brewer reverses it and then charges at Malice, but Malice sidesteps him and then he tosses Brewer into another corner. Brewer attempts to float up and over Malice but Malice catches him and tosses him over the top rope to the floor! Malice climbs up top and dives with a Plancha onto Brewer on the floor! Back in the ring Lizmark is beating on Marco until Marco clotheslines him over the top to the floor! Marco set up for the Air Corleone but Sydistiko climbs up on the apron to stop him. Super Nova runs out now and attacks Sydistiko!

——————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Back from the break all 4 men are brawling in the ring! Malice attempts to whip Lizmark into the corner but Lizmark reverses it. Lizmark charges at Malice but Malice drop toe holds him into the turnbuckles. Malice lifts Lizmark up to the top rope and sets up for something and then Brewer comes charging in with an axe handle attempt, but Malice sidesteps him and Brewer hits Lizmark in the nuts by mistake! Malice clotheslines Brewer and then climbs up top with Lizmark! Malice hits a Superrana! 1…2…NO Marco pulls him off! Marco grabs Malice and hits a huge left hand. Marco whips Malice into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Malice ducks. Marco then attempts a back hand as Malice hits the ropes again and again Malice ducks it. Malice hits the ropes a third time and hits a gorgeous Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Malice then charges at Marco and Marco backdrops him over the top rope. Malice lands on the apron and then kicks Marco. Malice follows up with a slingshot Sunset Flip attempt, but Marco grabs the ropes to block it. As Malice is still trying to roll Marco up, Lizmark runs over and grabs Malice by the feet and actually Catapults him right up into Marco’s nuts! Malice literally just headbutt Marco in the nuts. Lizmark then catapults Malice into a Codebreaker from Brewer! 1…2…NO Malice kicks out! Lizmark grabs Brewer and chops him and then whips him into the ropes and hits a nice Spinebuster! Lizmark kicks Marco as he comes back in the ring and then he Scoop Slams Marco. Lizmark follows up with a Leg Drop on Brewer and then a Leg Drop on Marco. Lizmark covers Marco for a nearfall. Malice back in the ring now and he connects with a series of rights on Lizmark. Malice goes for a Monkey Flip on Lizmark but Lizmark blocks it and tries to dump Malice over the top rope, but Malice counters into a Body Scissors that sends Lizmark flying over the top rope to the floor! Malice looks he’s going to dive again but Marco cuts him off with a Big Boot. Marco then hits a Scoop Slam and then a Scoop Slam on Brewer. Marco climbs up top and dives off with the Air Corleone onto Lizmark & Sydistiko! Malice and Brewer exchange right hands in the ring. Brewer kicks Malice and then chops him in the corner. Brewer whips Malice into the opposite corner and then goes for a Splash, but Malice sidesteps him. Malice goes for a Running Dropkick but Brewer pulls the referee into it! Brewer then dives off the top with a Flying Shoulder Block but there’s no referee to make the count. Brewer tries to wake up the referee and then he turns around into the Malicious Intent submission from Malice! The referee is still out. Super Nova comes in and attacks Malice! Nova hits the Canadian Destroyer on Malice! Nova drags Brewer on top of Malice! The referee comes to, 1…2…3!


Super Nova takes off his mask and its former TNA X-Division Champion, PETEY WILLIAMS! Lizmark, Marco, and Brewer are all in the ring now so Brewer decides to roll out to the floor and let Lizmark & Marco fight. Lizmark hits a clothesline on Marco for a nearfall. Lizmark chops Marco in the corner and then he whips him into the corner. Lizmark goes for a Splash but Marco moves and then hits a Scoop Slam. Marco goes out to the floor and tosses Brewer back into the ring! Marco then Double Clotheslines both Lizmark and Brewer! Corleone then hits Air Corleone over the top onto EVERBODY! Well, everyone except Brewer who was able to roll back into the ring just as Marco dove! Lizmark is selling a knee injury. Marco rolls back in and rolls Brewer up from behind! 1…2…3!


Lizmark climbs back in and kicks Marco in the face. Lizmark goes for a Leg Drop but Marco moves. Marco then whips Lizmark into the corner and hits a splash. Marco climbs up top and dives off with Air Corleone again! Marco goes for the Mark of Excellence but Lizmark holds onto the ropes. Sydistiko climbs up on the ropes but eats a left hand from Marco! Lizmark grabs the referee and distracts him as Rellik appears from under the ring and tosses powder into Marco’s eyes! Lizmark hits the Superkick! 1…2…3! We have the very first LL-USA CHAMPION!

Winner & FIRST LL-USA Champ: Lizmark via pinfall (Superkick)

Lizmark and Treachery celebrate with the title belt after the match.

A still shot of Solid (Marco’s bodyguard from Season One) is shown at the end with “In Loving Memory of Chris “Solid” Long). For those that don’t know, he was murdered last year.


Well, after over a year of waiting Season 2 finally debuted to a lot of people’s surprise, mine included. We kicked off with a good day of wrestling. I hate the timeslot though, a Saturday morning timeslot (it comes on at 9:00 AM here) is even worse than their Friday night timeslot last year.

The opening tag match was a fun match to preview the upcoming Tag Team Tournament which will continue from Season 1.

The vignettes with the Fatal 4-Way participants was a nice touch.

Rosetta-Mini was supposed to be a comedy match but didn’t have much comedy that was actually funny. The premise of the match was dumb and it didn’t do much for me.

The Main Event was a fun match, it was a little clunky in the beginning, but all 4 guys worked hard and had a fun match.

One thing I didn’t like was of the 3 matches we had 2 screwy finishes. The hooded guy in the opener and then Treachery helps Lizmark win the belt which I didn’t really mind because no way Marco should lose that match clean. Lizmark with the belt should be interesting and Petey Williams back on TV is awesome. They’re going to sell him as a new member of RJ Brewer’s group even though he’s technically Canadian and they called his finish, The Destroyer, rather than the Canadian Destroyer.

By the way, LL-USA, says Season 2 is going to be 13 episodes.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Fatal 4-Way vignettes
Match of the Night: Fatal 4-Way (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Treachery vs. Rocky Romero & Magno
– Pequeno Halloween & Tigressa Caliente vs. Mascarita Dorada & Octagonctio
– Super Nova vs. Petey Williams