Jake passed this along.

I think you might find this interesting.

“Q: I was reading an old Pro Wrestling Torch from 3/25/2000 (I realize it’s a long time ago). In the ECW section, it stated that you were not very popular among the wrestlers “according to a source”. It said you were a kiss up and a know it all. Finally, it said that friends say it’s your dry personality. I’m not trying to debate whether you are a this or a that. My question is, assuming “someone” said this about you, did that someone, or anyone for that matter ever say these things to your face, and make an effort to “clear the air” or bury the hatchet? Perhaps someone was trying to bury you as this was around the time you were getting ready to jump to WCW.

A: Paul Heyman fed the rumor to the torch to try to hurt my chances of leaving ECW. The guy who printed the article admitted to me that he knew the story was complete bullshit but he printed it anyway, despite the damage it could do to my career. He did not out right say it was Paul who gave him the story but he made it very clear to me when I confronted him over it that that was where it came from.”