Brian Soscia sent this in.

The Nasty Boys called The Soscia Network(@THEBrianSoscia on Twitter) to promote Hulk Hogan and Friends in Allentown,PA tomorrow night. Tix are just $15.00! In this nearly 40 minute candid interview Brian Knobs and Jerry Saggs discuss everything!

For the interview:

Just a few things they talk about are:
-Changes in the wrestling business.
-Would the Nasty Boys gimmick work today?
-How they got their start.
-Where their ring names come from.
-How they chose their ring gear.
-How they came up with the Pitt Stop and if anyone ever refused to take it.
-They discuss their view on working with Team 3D.
-A fairly recent match they had in WWE.
-What they may have done differently in their careers
-Why WCW went out of business.

Plus more and some fun behind the scenes stories!