Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in.


As NWA President Dennis Coraluzzo stood outside a bathroom door with pen and paper in hand, he was going to ask Shane Douglas for a signature when he emerged. Though it sounds like a desperate fan waiting for an autograph, that isn’t 100% accurate. Coraluzzo was desperate, indeed. But it wasn’t a copy of PWI he hoped to have signed. It was a contract. Shane had been ducking him all day, weighing a big decision. And as he emerged from the rest room and Coraluzzo shoved the contract at Douglas yet again, the NWA President sealed his company’s fate. Shane was now going to do something in the ring with Coraluzzo’s NWA belt that would change the course of wrestling history forever.

If that sounds compelling and soap-opera like, it is just the tip of the iceberg as Shane Douglas takes viewers on an over two hour journey on the newly released Timeline: The History of ECW – 1994 which was released today by Kayfabe Commentaries (www.kayfabecommentaries.com, www.shootinterviews.com). This edition of the series which documents the year-by-year history of the hardcore federation focuses on the pivotal year of 1994, when Eastern Championship Wrestling became Extreme Championship Wrestling. Shane admits that at the time no one ever thought the reverberations of that event would be felt even today.

As the man with the strap, Douglas ushered in that hardcore era with the ECW crew and he reveals every gory detail. From Terry Funk’s timeless advice, to a covert plan with WCW and Ric Flair that would have lit the wrestling world on fire. This shoot DVD series is unique in the fact that Kayfabe Commentaries has licensed the ECW footage from RF Video, so the actual broadcast footage is shown in the interview DVD, and also sold as a “Hardcore Pack” with over 10 hours of 1994 ECW footage and can be bought as a set at www.kayfabecommentaries.com and www.rfvideo.com.