– From former TNA personality Goldylocks passed along:

We LOVE our Troops!

What an amazing tour of Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey…

We spent a lot of time rocking out or troops in SE Asia.

Thanks to Outback Steak House and AFE, we were allowed a glimpse into the lives of some amazing men and women who serve our country.

Not a single complaint did we here in that heat or living conditions. Our Armed Forces work 6 – 7 days a week. 12 to 18 hours a day. No joke.

Hug, Salute or thank anyone you see. You sure won’t hear me complaining about anything ever again. How proud I was of all of them and grateful.

Whatever your political views are, set them a side & just be grateful we have these beautiful people looking out for us every day. Proud to be American, and proud of all the soldiers from all walks of life we met.

A few video clips. (we even got a mosh pit started & I jumped in. J




A few online clips that have surfaced.

This first clip the locals actually built us a stage. They kept asking if “it was good enough”. That made me tear up every time. I didn’t have my luggage for most of the trip. Wore, performed in and slept in the same clothes every time. Finally got my gear. They lost our PA too! So fun just keeping my mouth shut & enjoying the ride…

We got shot at with Rockets, it was pretty hot…

But I’d be back in a heartbeat!