Jim Ross has a new entry on his website, this time talking about Bret Hart, Tommy Dreamer, Steve Austin and more.

“Seems as if the Bret Hart hosting Monday Night Raw on January 4 is apparently a lock according to the DirecTV programming guide . I got a cool email from “Hitman” during the holidays but we never discussed his projected or potential Raw appearance. Yes, I actually have friends in the wrestling biz that aren’t always incessant on talking about the beloved business. For the old timers, I try to avoid discussing the business at all costs because most of them only want to bitch about it and that type of conversation becomes too negative in a hurry for me. I understand their points of view but I choose not to invest much time into things that I can’t control. I’ll just let a selected few of the class valedictorians in the “wrestling internet world” handle those matters.”

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