Wrestleview’s own Josh Boutwell passed this along.

Last chances to catch the second Urban Wrestling Federation national pay per view HOOD JUSTICE. Watch the official 15 minute preview show:

-Slyck Wagner Brown (Uncle Murda) vs Ricky Reyes (Cuban Link) (Street King Title Qualifier Match)
-Jeez (Billy Blue) vs Ruckus (Big Block) vs Bandido Jr (Brisco) vs Famous B (40 Glocc) and this match also features Willie Mack (40 Glocc) and Scorpio Sky (Brisco)
-Murder 1 vs Lowlife Louie Ramos in a Alley Street Fight
-(former WWE Smackdown star) Rich “Beast” Ortiz (Brisco) vs Rasche Brown (Big Block) (Street King Title Qualifier Match)

Joining the crew of rappers for the second coming are the ballers from the ‘Carol City Cartel,’ aka Triple C’s, who record under Rick Ross’s Maybach Music imprint, 40 Glocc from G-Unit/Zoolife, and other newcomers including Chicago’s guardians of the hood, L.E.P. Bogus Boys. Returning to settle the feuds, and seeking “Hood Justice,” are Melle Mel, Uncle Murda, Brisco, Billy Blue, Big Block, Cuban Link and more. With these bosses come their goons and thugs to do their business in and out of the ring.

Also appearing on this pay per view: Homicide, Eddie Kingston, Bestia, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (Blade & Negro), BC Killer, Eddie Carnage, The SAT’S, Fa├žade, Grim Reefer, Ghetto Mafia, Buck Chyld, Steve Mack, Brian XL, Lance Lude, Ellement, Sharee “Stilts” from the hit VH1 Reality show “Love of Ray J”, plus ring announcer Larry Legend and the UWF announce team of Shawn Credle, Robbie Mireno, and Julius Smokes, and the UWF officials Jimmy Dylan and Ref D Edwards.

Check out our update official site and make sure you interact with other fans and wrestlers on: www.urbanwrestlingfederation.com

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According to UWF Boss, CEO Steve ‘The Hustler’ Karel, the thousands of fans who tuned-in to order ‘First Blood,’ have ensured that the federation is here to stay and will be proceeding with production across the nation over the coming months. The UWF November offering ‘Street King’ is scheduled to premiere nationally on Sunday November 6th at 8pm EST, 5pm PST.

The Urban Wrestling Federation, is a dynamic and exhilarating performance collaboration between the worlds of hip-hop music and professional wrestling. Created by television and live events veteran, Steve Karel, the UWF premiered in the summer of 2011 with “First Blood,” which was filmed at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom and locations across the country. Full schedules, additional content, branded clothing and products can be seen at www.UrbanWrestlingFederaton.com.

The Pay-Per-View schedule for iNDEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH Network and
Avail-TVN ENT is as follows:

10/14/11 11:00pm iN3
10/15/11 10:00am HDPV
10/15/11 12:00pm iN3
10/16/11 7:00am iN1
10/17/11 11:00am iN3
10/18/11 1:00am HDPV
10/19/11 5:00pm iN3
10/19/11 8:00pm iN1
10/20/11 10:00pm iN1
10/22/11 8:00am HDPV
10/22/11 1:00pm iN1
10/22/11 3:00pm HDPV
10/22/11 9:00pm HDPV
10/25/11 7:00pm HDPV
10/25/11 9:00pm iN1
10/26/11 5:00pm HDPV
10/27/11 12:00am HDPV
10/28/11 10:00am iN3
10/28/11 8:00pm iN1
10/28/11 9:00pm HDPV
10/29/11 11:00am HDPV
10/29/11 2:00pm iN1
10/30/11 9:00am iN1
10/30/11 11:00pm iN3
10/31/11 3:00pm iN3
10/31/11 4:00pm HDPV

Debut: September 25th — 8:00pm
All-day 24-hour Encore Ticket:

10/15/11 7:00am
10/19/11 9:00am
10/21/11 7:00am
10/21/11 7:00pm
10/22/11 6:00am
10/23/11 3:00am
10/23/11 10:00am
10/26/11 4:30pm
10/27/11 8:00am
10/29/11 12:00am
7/29/11 9:00am
10/30/11 5:00am