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Celebrities Unite to Knockout BULLYING
An event to Mpower & Inspire


NEW JERSEY — Muscle and Talent unite at the Hard Rock Cafe of Times Square to help eradicate an ever growing epidemic that is plaguing our youth and on October 20th, they are going to “Let it Rock” with musical superstars Kevin Rudolf, Jimmy Gnecco, Kicking Daisies, overnight sensation Lights Over Paris, singer-songwriters David Homyk and Josh Zuckerman, Actor Josh Flitter, Actor Eric Martinez, Miss NJ Teen USA Erica Szymanski 2010 and many others including some political hopefuls all unite for an historic event to support the campaign that carries the name of an iconic Heavyweight.

The Rocky Marciano/BULLYING…We’re Kickin’ It National Campaign, a unique and aggressive course of action designed to enhance students’ lives by improving the overall school and social climate, ensuring a safe and healthy environment by providing programs, scholarships, resources, assistance, guidance and support.

The Kickin’ It Campaign is certainly packed with the muscle to knockout Bullying, other campaign supporters that are all scheduled to attend include WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, Wrestling Legend Mick Foley, UFC Legend Dan Severn, Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo, TV Host Mike Straka, MMA Athlete Phillipe Nover, UCL founder Peter Storm along with another notable powerhouse UFC Champion Frank Edgar who is voted one of the Top 10 pound for pound MMA fighters in the world. Ironically, Edgar during his recent UFC bout, TKO’d his opponent Gray Maynard who is nicknamed “The Bully”.

“Having the opportunity to rally together with such diverse, talented and incredible individuals will allow the campaign to reach countless students and families. The event will be the forum to launch new scholarship programs, an anonymous text reporting program and a student resource fund.” ~ states Rocky Marciano Jr.

“I am proud and excited to be a part of this incredible campaign and event” ~states legendary WWE Athlete Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson

“I am really excited as an artist (& parent) to support this anti bullying campaign and be part of the Kickin It event with the Hard Rock. “Bullying can ruin someone’s life and I think that we should all do our part to recognize it and put an end to it.” ~states NJ Rocker Jimmy Gnecco, of Ours. Jimmy and his daughter Zoe Gnecco are among the musicians scheduled to perform acoustically during the event.

“Artists strive to create something that impacts a mass-audience, to be a part of the Kickin’ It campaign that positively impacts and improves the lives of countless students, Rocks! I am excited to be involved.” ~musician/producer Kevin Rudolf

With the assistance of MarblePlayTV and Mpower Pictures, the event is developing into one of the most powerful, unique and creative affairs with celebrity supporters, an acoustic concert, student stories and performances and an exclusive student opportunity: Kickin’ It w/the Hard Rock Collectible Pin Contest.

During the event guests will also enjoy an exclusive sneak-peek of SNOWMEN the movie, by Mpower Pictures, starring Ray Liotta, Christopher Lloyd, Bobby Colemen and Josh Flitter. SNOWMEN is a heartwarming movie, about students uniting and working together.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Kickin’ It event not only as a supporter but as a student who sees and hears the negative things that students are doing to one another in school” ~ Actor Josh Flitter and Campaign Spokesperson “Kickin’ It does not talk about making a difference, the campaign is effectively doing something for all students; supporting them, allowing them to be heard, validating their feelings and providing the access to positive outlets and the resources for healthy alternatives.” ~Flitter

Mpower Pictures will also collaborate on the Kickin’ It to Mpower and Inspire Student Challenge, where the campaign and award winning movie Production Company will offer a series of challenges with special incentives throughout the remainder of the year. A sneak-peek of incentives include items from global companies such as TicTac and Ferrero to signed items by UFC Champions, award winning musicians and actors, concert and movie tickets and movie paraphernalia.

To learn more about the campaign and upcoming event please contact: hrevent@werekickinit.org For Event Tickets: www.WereKickinIt.org

About: The BULLYING…We’re Kickin’ It Nat’l Campaign is an aggressive, unique, powerful course of action designed to; reduce bullying behavior, improve the overall school climate and keep the anti-bullying message present throughout the year, ensuring all students, K-College, a safe and healthy school experience. The multi-component campaign involves school projects, scholarships, afterschool programs, leadership workshops, parent/guardian groups, student mentors, anonymous text reporting hotline, social media monitoring and support, faculty/administration support and a student resource fund. KI re-enforces and emphasizes traditional/old fashion values, proper mannerisms and etiquette among students while providing the tools to build and balance students self-confidence and self-esteem, offering the access to positive healthy outlets such as: music, art, animal care, dance, health, beauty, fashion and athletics to help students turn negative aggression, feelings, stresses and emotions into positive energy and healthy respectful behavior. www.werekickinit.org ###

Hard Rock Times Square Marquee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O0U2lVzmrQ