Florida Championship Wrestling Results
October 17, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome as we continue our trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s edition of the Florida Championship Wrestling recap & review.

Before we begin, I want to thank all of you for your kind words and feedback about last week’s debut of this recap, and I hope you all continue to enjoy yourselves in learning about the future of the WWE down in FCW.

So with that out of the way, let’s get on with the show!

Our announcers are Matt Martlaro & William Regal.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Wanted to make quick note before we start that IMO, Martlaro & Regal are the best commentary team in pro wrestling right now. They do a great job getting the talent over and that is what a commentary team should do, week in and week out, Hats off to them.

FCW Tag Team Titles: C.J. Parker & Donny Marlow(c) defeated Calvin Raines & James Bronson to retain the titles when Marlow pinned Raines with a Samoan Drop.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Decent opener, thought everyone looked good here except for Raines, who IMO, is not that good and wouldn’t be surprised if we hear his name on a release list down the line. Marlow & Parker work well as a team, good babyface stuff from them. Finally, Bronson definitely has an appeal to him with his unique look and style to him that could garner a call up in the future, reminds me so much of a more polished version of Tank Abbott. Nice way to start the show.

New Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger comes out and cuts a promo putting over the fact that he is the new champion & takes credit for putting former champion Bo Rotundo in the hospital. Kruger goes to put his championship banner over Rotundo’s, but Rotundo’s brother Husky Harris stops him. FCW General Manager Maxine comes out and makes the main event for tonight, which will be a Triple Threat No. 1 Contenders Match, as Husky Harris will face Dean Ambrose & Damien Sandow, and the winner will face Kruger for the title next week. Referees come out to prevent Husky from going after Kruger.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good heel promo by Kruger, who has really impressed me over the last month or so with his heel work, and he must have impressed WWE officials too with his recent dark match loop. Kruger is right now, if I can steal something from one Booker T, in my FAVE FIVE for FCW Talent that are ready for a call-up. Good promos, has nice presence to him, and is solid to good in the ring. Looking forward to what he can do with the belt.

Briley Pierce interviews Husky Harris, but Richie Steamboat comes in and apologizes for last week’s accidental superkick. Husky kind of blows him off, as Pierce goes to interview Steamboat. We hear a scream, as Steamboat goes to see what is going on. We see Husky Harris standing over Aksana, who is screaming. Steamboat turns Husky around and drills him with the superkick, then checks to see if Aksana is OK. They hug while the camera shows Aksana with a devilish smile on her face.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Nice continuation into what they are doing with Steamboat, which looks to be now what they were going to do with Bo Rotundo before his injury, where Aksana’s charm and devilish ways were going to turn Bo heel, but now however, it seems they are going to do the same thing instead with Steamboat in the role. I am intrigued to see where it goes, but the question mark in all of this is how Steamboat will do as a heel, because of the fact that he or his father never played a heel ever in their careers.

FCW Divas Title: Audrey Marie(c) defeated Leah West to retain the title with the Round-Up(Eye of the Hurricane).

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: OK match, but nothing special. This was IMO, a complete West carryjob. West, in only her 2nd FCW match, is really showing signs of being a real competent worker, especially with herself being trained by Lance Storm, who I always thought was a good hand. West really carried Marie here, who Marie is without a shadow of a doubt, looking like WWE’s version of Taylor Wilde, where she is always the underdog and somehow squeaks out a win. Marie isn’t bad, she is decent, but she is nowhere near ready the push that she is being given right now.

Briley Pierce interviews the debuting Mr. Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castangoli) and Cesaro proclaims that he will be the Florida Heavyweight Champion soon. He then brags that knowing 4 languages, while most “stupid” Americans know only 1. He says that while he has good language skills, his in ring skills are “25 times better”. He says to tune in next week to see for yourself, because “I’m Antonio Cesaro, and I’m Very European”.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Nice debut promo from Cesaro, who is going to be really good as this cocky “I’m better than you” foreigner heel in FCW, and I hope that while being in FCW can do nothing but good, I really hope its sooner rather than later, that we him on the main roster. Good stuff.

Abraham Washington defeated Peter Orlov by pinfall with the “In Your Face” elbow drop.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Solid match from these two. Orlov looked good as a heel working on a body part and sticking with it, and Washington, while I am not overly impressed with him in the ring, did a good job selling the leg, even on his comebacks. That is what a babyface is supposed to do, and Washington did a good job with it. Solid match with good performances by both men.

Briley Pierce interviews Byron Saxton, Naomi & Cameron Lynn, who challenge any 2 FCW Divas for a tag match next week.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Um…………Yeah………………Sorry, I have no words for that, other than that may have been the worst promo I have seen all year.

Main Event in a Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match for the Florida Heavyweight Title: Husky Harris defeated Dean Ambrose & Damien Sandow by pinfall when he pinned Sandow with a Reverse STO to become the #1 Contender and will face Leo Kruger next week for the Florida Heavyweight Title.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good effort by all 3, but as with any Triple Threat, had really no flow to it and was just there. It was though, however, the best thing on the show just by the performances in the ring. All 3 continue to show why they are definite future stars for the company, especially Ambrose. Sandow had another solid effort in defeat, and Husky as the rugged babyface is working pretty well in FCW and I hope that can translate should he get a call up again to the main roster.

Overall, decent episode this week. In terms of match quality, besides the main event, it wasn’t anything special. However, if you want to check it out just to see how these guys processing, I would always recommend checking the show out based on that.

My Grade: C+

Well, that will do it for this week. If you guys would like to check out the show, go to YouTube channel TheViperRK0x for this week’s show. Thank you all for reading and I will see you all next week for our next trek to the Sunshine State for FCW!