FCW Results – 10/24/11

Florida Championship Wrestling Results
October 24, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s trek to the land of the Sunshine State as we make our way into the developmental universe that is FCW. So, strap on a seatbelt, and let’s get on with the show!

Our announcers are Matt Martlaro & William Regal. Also, in a special treat this week, our ring announcer is the legendary WWE Hall of Famer, Howard Finkel.

Leakee defeated Ricardo Rodriguez by pinfall with the flying forearm. Before the match, Ricardo interrupted Finkel’s introduction and showed him the “proper” way to do it.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Solid match. 1st time getting to see what Ricardo can do inside the ring, and I got to say, I was impressed. Real nice strikes, good stoogy bumping, Ricardo is someone who if they switched him from announcer to wrestler in the WWE, could be a solid mid-card heel. Leakee continues to impress with his babyface fire and FIP work, Good effort by both guys.

Naomi & Cameron Lynn w/Byron Saxton defeated Caylee Turner & Kaitlyn by pinfall when Naomi pinned Turner with a leg lariat.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Not a whole lot to say here. Just a bad match in general. Turner, Lynn, and Naomi are not good at all in the ring. Only positive I can say is with each performance, Kaitlyn continues to improve and get better in the ring and that is a promising sign but other than that, it was a really bad match. One of the worst Diva matches I have seen all year.

Briley Pierce interviews Richie Steamboat and Steamboat was asked about what he did to Husky Harris and he says that he was protecting Aksana last week and he respects women. Aksana comes out and Steamboat leaves with her.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Nothing much to it, just a continuation of Aksana using her charm and devilish ways to turn Richie Steamboat heel, even though Steamboat feels he is only doing the right thing.

We see another Ascension promo video before the next match.

Big E. Langston defeated Erick Rowan by pinfall with a Belly to Belly Suplex.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Pretty decent big man match. The esteemed Hunter Golden as talked about a “big man renaissance” happening in WWE, well we have 2 more to add to it with Langston & Rowan. Still very green and both need a lot of work, but they both have the potential to become good big man workers down the road in WWE. Liked the effort of both guys. Decent match.

We have another episode of On the Box with Briley Pierce. We see footage of Brad Maddox being attacked at an FCW house show by a person in a mascot outfit. The person in the mascot outfit then comes out and it is Brad Maddox. Brad says that he knows that it was Briley who attacked him at the house show and as a result, Briley will be wrestling Brad next week in Briley’s debut match in FCW.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Like the Steamboat promo, nothing much to the segment other than building to Pierce’s 1st FCW match next week. Should be interesting to see how the younger brother of WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler does in the ring against a good heel in Maddox.

Mr. Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castangoli) defeated Mike Dalton with the Ricola Bomb.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Not a whole lot to say here, other than it was a good debut showcase for Cesaro. Dalton bumped well, and sold great for Cesaro’s offense, especially the Pop-Up European Uppercut. Nice showcase and debut for Cesaro.

Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson come out and they talk about the respect they have for each other and how they are now a tag team. They vow to work their way to the WWE Tag Team Titles and they will face Rick Victor and Jinder Mahal next week.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Nice to see Watson & O’Neil get some time to continue their tag team and develop it more down in FCW. Good move by WWE and FCW officials.

Main Event for the Florida Heavyweight Title: Leo Kruger(c) defeated Husky Harris by submission with the sleeper to retain the title. During the match there was a ref bump and Richie Steamboat came from the VIP area to help the referee but Harris went after Steamboat.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good main event. Both men worked really well with each other and put in a great effort. Kruger gets a nice win in the infancy of his title reign, and the Steamboat involvement continues his feud with Husky Harris, that should lead to a match in the near future.

Overall, solid episode of FCW this week. Besides the horrendous Divas match, everything on here was solid to good. I would recommend checking out Cesaro’s debut match and the main event title match. If you would like to check out this week’s show, the YouTube link is there below for you all to see the show.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s trek to the land of the Sunshine State. See ya next week!

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