Debbie passed along an article by Mike Mooneyham in The Post and Courier looking at the son of Scott Hall, Cody Hall. The article mentions Cody trying to help his father recover from drug and alcohol addiction profiled in a recent ESPN E:60 piece.

“For a long time we have had a non-existent and strained relationship. I felt that his time was running out. I didn’t want him to leave with unfinished business or regrets, so I was trying to get to know him the best I could, in the time he has left. I wanted to make him proud of me, too, so I tried to do whatever it took.

I left because of the anguish of watching my dad kill himself with his addictions. It became too hard for me to witness this every day, and no matter how much I tried to help him, nothing changed. Eventually there came a point where I couldn’t live around it any longer.”