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The controversial audio show is back and Paul Roma’s latest 46 minute “Glorious” on holds nothing back as the former Horsemen shoots with James Guttman about everything including the details behind the breakup of the Young Stallions, the things Jim Powers did that Paul felt hurt the team, Jim’s resentment for Roma’s post-Stallion push, their backstage (and in-ring) blowout, and more. Plus, Paul shoots on Vince McMahon’s Muppet Themed Raw, gives reasons why it was done, explains why it only solidifies his past remarks about McMahon being “the devil”, talks Scott Hall on ESPN, drugs in wrestling, WCW drug testing, personal stories about Chris Benoit, and tons more. For a full list of topics head to:

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One subject that James Guttman was eager to ask Paul Roma about on the new Glorious was the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Micahels DVD that WWE just released. JG pointed out how the release dealt with the duo’s long history – much of which Roma was there for. Although the two made many points, one thing that struck James was how Vince McMahon managed to create this controversial situation, severely impact Bret’s life, and then make money from it a decade and a half later with his help. He poses the question to Roma about the reasons behind participating in a DVD like this and his feelings for Bret and Shawn taking part in it. Paul responds…

“I like both the guys. I’ve worked with both of them. I never had issues that came down to fist-fighting with these guys. But then it comes down to them as people. What do they stand for, in and of their own selves and their own lives? Do they have respect for themselves? Are they that f**ed up in life whether financially, mentally, both – I don’t know – that they’re going to come in and agree to do this? I have no idea. But they did it for whatever reason. Maybe they’re able to forgive and forget. Maybe that’s the way to go. But you can also forgive and forget and not do it.”

Guttman also mentions Hart’s strong feelings about being respected. The Hitman mentions the respect level that those in the locker room held for him many times. As the discussion continues, he asks Roma whether Hart needed to worry about losing that respect after Montreal or if it was a burden he placed too strongly on his own shoulders. As Paul explains, Bret didn’t have much to worry about given his past actions…

“Bret earned his respect back in the day and (he may feel he) lost that respect because of what he’s done or allowed people to do to him – now I know he had no choice in the matter when they screwed him on the show with Shawn Michaels. But everyone heard. Everyone knew how it went down. Everybody knew he got screwed. So, you know what? He still has the respect.”

The talk then turns to Shawn Michaels. Guttman says that Shawn definitely comes across as a changed man through his interactions with others and his demeanor on the DVD. But what about the “classic” Shawn? As many have pointed out – including HBK himself – the old Shawn could display some “dickish” behavior. Did Roma feel that way about the Heartbreak Kid? Or did the two get along? Is that label even fair? Paul explains to his glorious listeners that labels like that are in the eye of the beholder…

“First and foremost, he’s a great worker and I just want to say that. I respect him for his work. As far as being a ‘dick’, that’s pretty much a matter of opinion because before a lot of guys got to know who and what I was, you know, I was a ‘dick’…that’s the way they saw me because they didn’t take the time to find out what I was all about. “

That’s not to say that Roma and Michaels always had sunny days, for lack of a better term. The two had strong personalities and did have one conflict that Paul remembered and exclusively told members about…

“Now, with Shawn, I had a lot of time to find out what he was all about. He was a great guy, for the most part, backstage. Did he have his moments? We all did. I had a run in with him in Rhode Island. My son saw us get beat by The Rockers and he came running to me backstage crying. I’m like, “What’s wrong?” He said to me, “You got beat.” I said, “I let him beat me.” He goes, “No, no, no. He beat you.” I said, “No. I let him beat me. Now, tomorrow, he’ll let me beat him. That’s how it works.” You don’t want to upset your son. So I called Shawn over and I said, “Shawn, tell him that I let you beat me.” And he said, “I’m not gonna tell him that.” Then I looked at Shawn and I said, “Listen man, tell my son I let you beat me. He’s upset. I need to calm this situation down.” And he goes, “I’m not gonna tell him that.” So I walked over to Shawn, closer to him , away from my boy, and I said, “Listen, asshole, you tell him that I let you beat me because you and I are wrestling all week and I’ll beat your ass tomorrow night in the ring.” So he walked over to my son and he said, “Yeah, uh, your father let me beat him.””

Remember, this 46 minute show is full of backstage stories and shocking opinions and is just one of many Glorious editions Paul Roma has hosted. It’s just a small part of the thousands of hours of audio and hundreds of wrestling guests ranging from Kevin Nash to Jesse Ventura you can hear the moment you join us!